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Review: Gert-Johan Coetzee at SA Fashion Week (Day Two)

On the floor of the runway was a checkered black and white rug with vertical lines. The stage was set for the entrance of Coetzee’s first look for Spring/Summer (S/S) 2019. A stunning black model dressed in a checkered black and cream catsuit, with a cinched waist that had “Gert” scribbled across the waist belt, and a more prominent “gert” written on an added layer of cream and white fabric made her entrance.

She was an announcement of the theme that was to come for the designer’s S/S collection. He was dreaming in creams, blacks, and checkered patterns. Indeed, shortly after, models strutted the runway in fluid silk black and white print gowns, checkered pants paired with Oxford black and white ruffled shirts. The designer switched things up a bit by opting to place checkered black and white fabrics as design details on dresses, and even expanded his theme to black and white polka dot dresses. He threw clothes with cascading gold fringed ruffles, and paired them with loafers. It was an intriguing collection, and got even more intriguing when models in tiger prints began strutting the runway to a house remix of American R&B group Destiny Child’s ‘I’m a survivor’ playing as background music.

Coetzee did return to his black and white checkered theme, this time introducing us to male models in hooded black shirts, and checkered tops and pants. He then switched themes to showcase elaborate artistic evening gowns, all while making a brief stop with abstract cream colored pants and tops, and dresses on models.

It was definitely an intriguing collection. One that seemed to communicate strength, going through challenges and coming out on top, and graceful. We have a feeling South Africa’s wild life and animals such as Zebras, tigers, and ostriches where also part of his inspiration, or maybe not.

Either way, there is no question Coetzee is a brilliant designer with a bright future ahead.

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Ms. Uduak

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