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Podcast Woman of the Month

LBW 073: Meet Linda Arrey – Captain, CEO, Author, Speaker & Ladybrille Woman of the Month!

Linda Arrey-Mbi Nkwenti (best known as Linda Arrey) is a Nonprofit Consultant, Published Author and International Speaker. After dedicating several years as a Certified Life Coach, helping women all over the world find clarity, overcoming personal and professional roadblocks and equipping them with strategies to live a fulfilling lifestyle, she wrote her first book, “Memoirs …

Podcast Woman of the Month

LBW 072: Meet Ofonime Isokrari, a Nurse Practitioner Full of Gratitude & Ladybrille Woman of the Month!

 November is a month in the United States that we celebrate Thanksgiving; and for our Ladybrille Woman of the Month Ofonime (Ofi) Isokrari, there is much to be thankful about. Ofi was a NeuroSurgical Nurse Practitioner working 48 hours shifts to save lives, in the Level 1 Trauma unit at her workplace, when she …