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Liz Ogumbo – South Africa Fashion Week 2012 (Pictures) #SAFW #Africanfashion

“•Born and named after her great grandmother ‘Elizabeth Loye” who was a singer and performer throughout her life, Liz ‘Loye’ Ogumbo began singing at about age four. Her father taught her songs from the Luo tribe in Kenya, her home language and sooner than later, she was singing “Isabella ma nyar Asembo,” “I be lady oh’ Fela Kuti!” and more..

•After completing high school in Kenya, Liz left for the United States to study computer scienceand eventually graced prestigious runways in NYC, LA, Milano, Paris, and back to Africa where she eventually incorporated a modeling agency; Imani Int Model Management in LA in 2004 and later Kenya in 2006.

•She is a keen fashion designer under her label, House of Imani. and author of “The modeling industry; who is the Ideal model?’” She wrote this memoire to help build the self-esteem amongst the younger girls emphasizing on Self-confidence.

•Miss Ogumbo possesses a triple threat to the creative industries; a combination of striking African looks with a sharp sense of fashion & style, her humorous writing and story -telling skill and her smoky sultry vocal abilities which put her in a league of her own as she shares her Ken-soul experience with the world.

•“The Ken-Soul Experience captures me today, my roots and culture, my contribution to music & fashion, my love for Africa and my passion for loving and living.”

•This journey exemplifies the birth of a beautiful colorful African butterfly from its Chrysalis and its quest to spread its wings and fly in pursuit to share her story.

•Expressed in Luo, Swahili, English and French through her album ‘KenSoul,’ her soul is Kenyan and her experiences in life have developed this African girl child into a global soul instrument.”

Photocredit: Simon Deiner/SDR Photo

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