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Amede – Arise Magazine Lagos Fashion Week 2012 (Pictures) #AMFW #Africanfashion

“Shades of Tehila depict praise; praise and celebration of a new season, of the earthy and vibrant colours, cultures and style that only Africa can produce. Shades of Tehila utilize the age long art of tie and dye and batik in an unusual mix of colours and textiles – silk, chiffon, cotton, linen, jersey and lace – seeking a confluence of art and style, announcing a meeting place for the old and the new, achieved with handmade master strokes, tones and techniques that speak of liberation.

Shades of Tehila pay homage to Africa – depicting ethnic undulations, youthful vibrancy and sophistication. The designer draws her inspiration from the style of the 70’s and buzzing and festive party life as well as city lights, with people clad in a variety of shades, living their lives in groups and communities but each standing out individually, in their own place of Tehila. In Shades of Tehila the designer has successfully carved out a niche for herself in an era of discriminating tastes with no set norms of conformity.”

About the Designer

Amede Nzeribe a lawyer turned designer, who is fast becoming one of the leading lights of the vibrant Nigerian Fashion scene. Her clothing has been featured in top-rated publications, such as True Love West Africa, Genevieve Magazine, The Guardian Newspaper as well as television shows such as Big Brother Nigeria (MNET), The Scoop (NTA) and 100% Naija (Channel O)

Her unique ability to weave together stunning combinations of colours and  fabrics is perhaps    inherited from her late mother, the Legendary Flora Nwapa,  Africa’s first female novelist,   whose writing weaved together poignant themes and authentic Nigerian characters.

Amede’s clothes command attention because they achieve the impossible. They are beautifully crafted in comfortable fabrics and styles. Her clothes are unmistakably African, with their flowing shapes, rich and vibrant colours coupled with a modern twist. She adds an eclectic mix of frills, buttons, beads and sequins, high neck collars, sleeves and other surprising embellishments. The end result is a timeless yet, edgy piece.

What makes Amede’s clothing unique is her personal design of all the fabrics utilized, making each outfit a true Masterpiece. The majority of her designs is one-offs and produced limited in numbers. Her inspiration stems from the world around her – the diversity of nature to the patterns on a jewelry. She uses a wide variety of fabrics, which include Ankara, chiffon, cotton, linen, jersey, silk, satin and brocade.

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