Barbie v Bratz Dolls, Fashion IP Litigation


Update: In this intriguing intellectual property case involving one of the oldest brands in the toy business vs a newcomer,a California court rendered judgment in favor of Mattel, makers of Barbie. The court ruled that Bratz dolls’ Carter Bryant invented the idea of Bratz dolls while he was an employee for Mattel. This ruling is significant as Mattel could be awarded millions of dollars when the jury weighs in on damages.

Ladybrille Tip: Even if you are a very creative designer/employee, when you work for an employer and then leave to set up your own shop, be careful not to infringe/steal your employer’s intellectual property rights. If you are unsure what constitutes intellectual property infringement, get legal counsel otherwise, the results could be economically and socially disabling.

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  1. Lollie says:

    This is why we do so well in the states. I feel so old… I loved barbie even with the blonde hair and blue eyes. "When you come here without money, you become very resillient, and don't give up easily". Well said!

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