Zebra Ball 2008, 8 Questions With Zebra Living’s Ugoma Ebilah

Zebra ball 2008 is in its second year and the brains behind the event, Ugomah Ebilah of Zebra Living promises it would be loads of fun with a chance to win brilliant prizes, gift bags full of goodies, canapes, cocktails, great music, a fantastic crowd, and a chance to give back–some proceeds from the event will be donated to charity. We happen to really like the Zebra Living line with its use of in creating some very sexy and elegant silhouettes. We caught up with Ugoma to find out what the fuss is all about and when she will get her website ready for folks like us in the West to shop our hearts out! To purchase tickets contact ugoma (at) is the Zebra Ball 2008 all about?
Zebra Living:
The annual Zebra Ball series is about giving back and having a jolly good time whilst doing so! [It is] inspired by life, fashion and community. . . the pillars of Zebra Living. Each year we select a charitable organization to support based on the merits of their projects and the trickle-down effect those projects have on the community’s development. The Zebra Ball is a great way to celebrate our achievements as a label and a lifestyle concept and to end the year on a wholesome fun note! did you create it?
Zebra Living:
I created it because I wanted to do ‘more’. I was eager to start putting some of my mad plans of healing my land into action and zebra living has paved the way for me to start ‘doing’. I ultimately believe in doing good and doing well. . . and I believe the two go hand in hand. The zebra ball and the community initiatives we promote are my way of doing good. . . and ultimately positioning zebra, her customers and my African Community to do well-truly well! Who attends?
Zebra Living:My wonderfully supportive clients, customers, friends, and family. Other attendees include sponsors, fashionistas, journalists, artists, fashion writers, magazine editors, pr and media consultants, lifestyle business owners, . . .progressive people in general. us a bit more about the Zebra Living Woman?
Zebra Living:
She is well rounded, with diverse interests and is truly dynamic. She is active in all spheres of her life-home, health, work and play. . . She is a vibrant, colorful, confident and very feminine [woman]. are really into Yoga, did that have a play on your selection of logo and name for your brand?
Zebra Living:
Health and well being are very important to me and I enjoy yoga immensely. Zebra Living is rooted in a philosophy which fuses both inner and outer beauty, thus we promote wellness as much as we do waisted skirts. However my brand name and logo are inspired by other distinct loves – Africa, the Wild, Color, and freedom. The zebra living woman. . . is every woman. When do you plan to launch your online website?
Zebra Living:
The website is very much work in progress. It will be live sooner rather than later. you plan to have a store front on your website to process orders for the fashion-forward in the diaspora who love your clothes?
Zebra Living
: Yes. The website will have e-shopping facilities. . . and women all over the world can get their very own treasured zebra piece ordered and delivered to their doorstep at the click of a button. is your very Ladybrille fashion philosophy?
Zebra Living:
[B]e yourself, dress to reflect the woman within and make no apologies for being fabulous. Right now pretty, feminine colourful summer dresses are all I live in . . . It is great to live in the tropics. . . and you can see that from our latest collection.

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