Ladybrille’s 10 African Inspired Gifts for the Holidays!

The festivities for the holidays are just around the corner! As we prepare to celebrate Christmas, Kwanzaa and a brand New 2009 it can be nerve racking deciding what to gift your friends and loved ones. We’ve tried to take a little stress out of the process by presenting to you what we think are awesome African inspired gift ideas.
White_Sands#10: A vacation to the White Sands Beach Club in Ghana. This gift is perfect for newly weds, singles, family with children, basically ALL. The location is less than an hour from Accra, the capital city of Ghana. Indulge in the best in water sports, enjoy delicious meals from the hotel’s restaurants, relax, sunbath

and take it all in! It is simply GORGEOUS!Check out the beauty of White Sands at their website HERE. Contact Roger Streefkerk, the General Manager at White Sands: [email protected]. 233-21- 303889 Fax. 233-21- 550707. Also, read a review of other fun things to do in Ghana while you are there here.

#9: Dinner at Aquavit: Aquavit restaurant is co-owned by Ethiopia’s Marcus Samuelsson with branches in Tokyo, Japan and Stockholm, Sweden. This young chef extra-ordinaire is known to keep things flavorful and tantalizing. For the holidays, let Aquavit wait on you! They’ve got some Christmas and New Year’s specials with prices ranging from $65.00 to $95.00, per person. Get all the details here.

#8: YoloDesign Table Wear: We know this beautiful handcrafted pewter and glass beaded handle with a high quality stainless steel serving spoon will make a great gift. There are so many other brilliant options by Yolo design. Yolo design retails in Namibia, Swaziland, UK & USA. Visit them here and be sure to click on the ‘Stockists’ tab so you can find the specific stores near you.

# 7 LETTERS TO MY SISTERS: What is life without health? Nothing. For many women and especially African women, we are not as tuned into our bodies as we’d like to think. Letters to My Sisters by Gynecologist Dr. Ngozi Osuagwu is just the perfect gift for your mother, girlfriend, sister, aunt, niece and cousin. It cost only $16.95 and you can purchase it directly on Amazon.

#6: AFRICAN STYLE DAIRY BY SHOP MOSIAC ONLINE: Life is such an interesting journey with so many highs and lows as we travel its highways. There is no better place to store the memories and inevitable life lessons than in this beautiful African inspired African Style Dairy. The Dairy is by Taschen. It is 124 pages long and you can purchase it at Shop Mosaic Online for only $20.00. Be sure to ask for the 2009 version. Shop Mosaic Online also has some great sale at 30-60% off items like shoes, accessories and more! Contact: [email protected].

#5: AFRICA HOTEL BOOK: Travels brilliant destinations for tranquility, fun and rejuvenation are a must to create balance. To fufil your need to get away, it is essential you research carefully and discover the best in African organic luxurious getaway and hotels. Africa Hotel book with 400 pages of brilliant vacation destinations does all the work for you. Cost? Only $40.00. It is also by Taschen. Head on to Shop Mosaic online to purchase it.

#4: ASA CD: What would the holidays be without music, great music at that? Whether you are sampling African artists for the first time or gifting African inspired music to your family or friends, we know you can’t go wrong with Asa’s [pronounced Asha] Album. This Nigerian artist is highly gifted. She sings mostly in English fusing her Western and Yoruba influences in her music. Her music is soothing and has a very laid back feel to it; and you just can’t go wrong purchasing this for self, friends or family. Cost: $18.42. Purchase here or here.

#3: DAMASK CLUTCH/HANDBAGS WITH LIGHTS!: Ladies how many times do you search, search, and search for your keys in that big o bag, atimes compromising your safety because you concentrate so hard you miss the crazy folks around you. Well, Sade Popoola got tired of searching as much as we do so she came up with an answer! Just have a super cute stylish clutch, tote or bag made with African damask fabric and strategically place lights in it so it lights up in that big o bag whenever women retrieve their keys etc. Voila! That is what she did! Now men you can purchase this for the brilliant ladies in your lives to assure her double safety, and of course ladies you can get one for yourselves also. Head to Quute Ilumina for details and other styles.

Fifteen year old Lovetta Conto has a compelling story as a Liberian in Liberia and later fleeing to a refugee camp in Ghana. Her story, however, is not the only compelling thing about her. She also wants to be a designer and in fact has been designing. We love her leaf pendant and bullet bead on a leathernecklace with adjustable slip knot she has designed. The cost $75.00. Some of the proceeds goes to Strongheart Fellowship program. Strongheart House – to be opened in early 2009- is a home and center of healing, learning, and excellence for exceptional young people either displaced or orphaned by war or other circumstances. Buy here.

#1 PHASES OF AFRICA FURNITURE: We like the furniture collection from Phases of Africa and think you will too. Noleen the SA native based in the USA imports some really creative and modern African furniture for sale. She can be reached at [email protected] for direct purchases. Also be sure to check out the wide variety of furniture collection at We think this reclining chair would make a sexy memorable gift for Christmas.

Ho, ho, ho! Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa and happy shopping!

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