The Nigerian Fashion Customer?

Nigeria FashionTo successfully execute on your fashion business, it is very important to have a clear idea who your customer is. Knowing your customer helps you determine what to offer them and where to invest your time and monies. As you put together your business plan and prepare to launch your business, the obvious question becomes, who is your fashion customer?

Whether you are about to launch your fashion business in Lagos, Calabar, Abuja, London, Dubai, Los Angeles or New York, the question remains the same. Who is your customer? This week, try to answer the questions below to clearly define your customer:

1. How old is your fashion customer?
2. How much is she willingly to spend on your product/service?
3. What is her occupation?
4. How much does she make?
5. What does she do for fun?
6. Any children?
7. Is she married?
8. Does she own her own home?

The above is known as “market segmentation.” Market segmentation is where businesses try to determine their customers based on the above questions and more asked.

If you are wondering where to find these, Nigeria’s National Bureau of Statistics and /or any of your Census Bureau offices in the country you reside will have this information available. You should also consider using social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and more Nigerian fashion focused sites like Bella Naija, 9jagal and of course the women you see face to face locally to ask and test what your potential fashion customer(s) look like.

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