“The Future . . .” is ‘Sole’ Sista Tosin Dekalu, Lawyer Turned Shoe Cobbler

t_deks_3As part of our pre-event coverage for “The Future Awards . . .” 2008, we selected some nominees we thought you would find interesting and will feature them until the event date scheduled for January 13th, 2008. We begin with a beautiful woman we think you will find quite interesting!

Former Lawyer turned Shoe Cobbler,Tosin Dekalu, is one of “The Future Awards . . .” 2008 nominee. A graduate of the University of Westminster, London, Dekalu relocated to Nigeria in 2001 and shocked most when she quit the practice of law to open a shoe repair company! Today, her reputable shoe company provides shoe repairs for individuals and has expanded its services to include repairs of other accesories such as bags, suitcases and more; gaining clientele from numerous organizations including hotels. Shall we meet Ms. Dekalu?

Name: Tosin [pronounced Toe-si] Dekalu

Age: 31

Describe your work?
Lady Cobbler & Co. Nigeria Limited repairs shoes, bags, suitcases and most leather accessories. We also cut keys and manufacture leather accessories.

What category are you nominated in?
Entrepreneur of the Year

[H]ow does it feel [t]o be nominated in this category?
To be honest it feels a little strange being ‘recognised’ for doing something I love and for something that is fun for me to do! At the same time, it feels great because I sometimes feel like I’m doing a thankless job so it is wonderful that people ‘out there’ appreciate how hard and sometimes stressful and daunting this work can be. Overall I’m ecstatic to be nominated at all!

What would it mean for you, if you won in the category nominated?
It would mean the world to me because Lady Cobbler has never won an award.

What drives you?
Success and love for what I do.

What do you do for fun?
I love reading and going to the cinema.

Any parting thoughts for our readers who want to be where you are?
You’re only as big as you dream to be and with hard work, focus and prayers, anything is possible.

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  1. NenaShylon says:

    Profession doesn't matters, its passion!!

  2. Thumbs up Tosin. Impressive.Many more awards to come.

  3. !!Estella!! says:

    THAT IS WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT! Following one's dreams!Kudos to Tosin! I am proud of her!I have a friend who is an Engineer and works with NASA, and loves to do hair!!! She has all sorts of hair gadgets and stuff all over her house. She wants to get a hair license but some of her other professional friends look down on her idea dn discourage her, and I remind her that I am a trained psychologist and a trained IT Network Security Administrator….but I love to sew! Go figure!People should be encouraged to follow their dreams cos that is only where they will find happiness.Someone told me once that when one does what they love to do, then they will never work one day in their life, because they would simply be paid for doing what they already love doing……..Sometimes we forget that those of us that grew up in Nigeria actually read courses that were seen as 'prestigious' or one that our parents wanted or one that 'guaranteed a job as soon as you left school'. and rarely what we have passion and love for!And I say it is never too late to turn around and do what you truly love. What you have total passion for….The rest will fall in place……

  4. delabique says:

    congrats to tosin dekalu on her nomination. her mom was lady cobbler before she took over. many more grease to ur elbows tosin wish u many more years in biz

  5. Anonymous says:

    Wow. That's the word. Ladybrille i am impressed. Tosin Dekalu is only 31 years old not only that she left a lucrative practice to pursue her dreams and own unique path.She is one hell of a unique woman / lady. Anyway thanks for the feature, Ladybrille.

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