Tanzania Renowned Fashion Designer Mustafa Hassanali Supports Young Designer



Renowned designer Mustafa Hassanali will be unveiling his bridal wear ‘Malkia’on Saturday 7th February 2009 at the Little Theatre next to St. Peters Church . His bridal show comes with a surprise package from young and budding Designer Edward Musiba who will be the frontrunner for ‘Malaika’ show.

Who is Edward Musiba? His story reads like a script, He is currently studying for his Form 6 exams at Tambaza high school but besides studying, Edward has been an artist all of his life. Only last year he engaged in designing garments and luck did strike when WAPI (Words and pictures) designers gave him an invitation to the fashion forum at the British Council in October 2008. This forum proved to be more than an eye opener that did lead to other creative doors. Thereafter he participated in the Swahili fashion week, the brain child of Mustafa Hassanali and the rest as they say is history. He won the coveted WAPI emerging designer award and today he is fronting Mustafa Hassanali’s ‘Malkia’ show.

Edward will be showcasing 7 outfits both male and female creative and semi formal attires that do portray his gusto and eye for design, a good leaf borrowed from his mentor Mustafa Hassanali who has been at the forefront of nurturing such great, young talent. Musiba speaks of Mustafa as a designer with a big heart and love for his Country; he is focused on unearthing and uplifting raw talent and in the process makes the design world in Tanzania accessible even to the World at large.

Come and witness the master and his student at work on Saturday the 7th February 2009 at the Little Theatre next to St.Peters Church


Mustafa Hassanali Couture is renowned for its elegance, style, flamboyancy, glamour and glitz that has made it one of the most sought after fashion houses in Tanzania. He has showcased in Africa and Europe, which has been a great influence on his approach to the world of Fashion in Tanzania . It is his exquisite handwork, detailed beadwork and creative ensemble embellishments that make his work come alive.

From corporate wear, traditional costumes or even a Wedding Ensemble, Mustafa Hassanali handles each piece with great care and gives the utmost attention to whole outfit. Each design and Outfit is Unique…. A duplicate is NEVER created. That is what makes it uniquely, a Truly Mustafa Hassanali Affair.

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