LBW 038: Meet Tinu, Publisher, Musician, Fashion Model and Ladybrille Woman of the Month February 2016

Happy Valentine’s Day Ladybrillers! As the world celebrates this special love day, we thought to reflect the voice of the modern day woman who puts her career first. Cn you have it all? A successful career, then a family? Tinu, our Woman of the Month for February 2016, answers that question with an emphatic ‘yes!’

Tinu is a New York City-based successful singer-songwriter, designer, photographer, publisher and philanthropist, and also dabbles in the world of yoga and fitness gymnastics. Born in Brooklyn, New York, Tinu spent most of her formative years in Nigeria, West Africa. She attended Stern School of Business at New York University but also pursued a successful international modeling career. Her love of culture, aesthetics, sports and fashion created a passion for designing, which accompanied by a strong entrepreneurial spirit, led to the launch of her highly successful accessory collection. Her sense of style has been noted by Essence Magazine, New York Times and Vogue Magazine, to name a few. Shoe collecting ranks number one on her list of hobbies and traveling as a strong rival.

Tinu is the founder and president of Shoeholics Club™ and the mastermind behind the “movement” and the viral hit “Shoeholic” music video that made the term a pop culture and mainstream language. Tinu is the publisher, Editor-In-Chief and Creative Director of Shoeholics magazine, an international glossy print publication inspired by the hit music video for shoe lovers. Tinu as a publisher of the first shoe themed magazine to hit the newsstand in the world and in the process single-handedly launched a new category in the publishing world’s fashion segment.

She authored the international best selling book “The Shoeholic.”

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Episode Preview

  • Tinu’s personal background.
  • Tinu’s successful music career.
  • Getting on the Billboard chart.
  • Her successful fashion modeling career.
  • Her work as a publisher of Shoeholic Magazine.
  • Deciding to have a child in her 30s.
  • Pregnancy.
  • The Joys of motherhood.

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