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Ladybrille’s Tinu Enters Traditionally White Industry as Publisher of Pole Spin Magazine

The Ladybrille Woman is never afraid to trailblaze a new path when others remain comfortable with the status quo. In fact, she welcomes the challenge. As she ventures to create a path most will follow, she remains determined, powerful, resolute and unapologetic to naysayers or those who attempt to box or confine her talents, beauty and intelligence to one definition or category. Afterall, she is Ladybrille (brilliant woman). Tinu, our September 2009 Ladybrille Woman of the Month, continues to embody the above characteristics of a brilliant woman and more. Tinu is a Fashion Model, Singer, Successful Fashion Entrepreneur, Author and now Publisher. She identified a need in the marketplace for a Pole Fitness and Lifestyle Magazine that celebrates the athletic prowess and beauty of pole athletes.

Undaunted by the fact that it was rare to see Blacks much less Africans in the Pole Fitness industry, she did her research, got her business plan and execution strategy together and last year, entered a traditionally white industry by launching the first ever American Pole Fitness Association and Championship Awards.

The event was classy and showed a determination by Tinu and her crew to introduce, inform and redefine the way people see Pole dance and fitness. Losing no momentum, Tinu now announces the official launch of Pole Spin Magazine, the first of its kind and destined to be a leading force in the pole industry, worldwide. We are very proud of Tinu for matching to her own beat and inspiring others to do the same. We invite you to check out the release below for more details about her magazine.


Pole Spin™ magazine just signed up with a major retail distributor who will now play a pivotal role in getting the publication far beyond the pole fitness community into leading bookstore chains such as Barnes & Nobles, Borders bookstores and major newsstand chains in the US starting April 12, 2011 with the third issue. The distribution will help broaden the appeal for the sport worldwide. This makes it the first publication in the industry to achieve this historical milestone worldwide.

The International Pole Dance Fitness & Lifestyle Magazine™, a quarterly publication about empowerment, health and fitness for men and women is a unique glossy print publication, the first of its kind for the pole dance/fitness industry worldwide. The innovative magazine features insightful articles, interviews, resources, health issues, and recipes to help readers to better understand and appreciate the many benefits of pole fitness as a sport.

Since its launch in August 2010, the publication has been privileged to have seen a rapid growth and acceptance by avid practitioners of yoga, gymnastics, traditional dance, aerial acrobatic and general enthusiasts all over the world. Many readers have discovered pole fitness as a result of the magazine’s in depth coverage of the sport. It featured the over 40 year-old “Pole Pumas” article in the premiere issue –pole fitness practitioners who demonstrated that anything is still possible at any age. The sophomore issue pushed the envelope when it featured a 2-year-old boy, Youtube self-taught 14-year-old girl, and a 6-year-old “Mr Luis” who proudly shared the stage with his father at the historical American Pole Fitness Championships 2010 in New York. In the current issue, a full figured pole practitioner happily shows off her weight indicating people do not have to be rail thin to be on a pole! These are some of the unique attributes of Pole Spin™. The publication has achieved what no other magazine has done before: It has successfully placed pole dance/fitness fair and square as a mainstream sport worldwide.

The publication is already available through regional independent distributors and studios worldwide. Subscription is available via the magazine’s website, also an online sources for pole sport news and articles.

Pole Spin™ magazine, under the editorial leadership of Tinu Naija, has quickly become a leading force in the pole fitness industry. She is penning her first book set to launch in October 2011, a spin off from her hit music video “Shoeholic” about shoes with a big following already waiting on the Facebook page!

A preview video for the third issue is available on the publication’s Youtube Channel.

Pole Spin™ will return as one of the sponsors of the upcoming American Pole Fitness Championships, Friday, October 14, 2011 in New York City at the Manhattan Center.

The magazine has over 70% female readership with 18-50 age demographic. Advertisers can contact the Sales Department to inquire about a marketing campaign.

American Pole Fitness Championships 2010 Video Highlight (HQ) from APFA TV on Vimeo.

~Uduak Oduok

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