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Omatu Gottschlich, Ladybrille Woman of the Month

OmatuOmatu Gottschlich is the creative visionaire and designer behind the Austrian brand FULANI, a brand inspired by the Fulani people of Africa known for their beauty. Omatu half Austrian and Nigerian studied fashion at the elite fashion école Hetzendorf in Vienna, Austria. Unlike many who study one thing, her talents knew no limits and it is precisely why she also enrolled at the Viennese Consevatorium for Music where she studied singing and dancing. A jet setter at heart traveling across the globe, Omatu does a juggling act between the USA and Austria, two countries she calls home. We caught up with our brilliant woman of the month to learn more about her and the FULANI brand with some of our random questions!

LADYBRILLEmag.com: Hi Omatu! Your background is so rich. Tell us a bit more about your heritage?
My mother is from Austria and my dad is from Nigeria. He is Ibo (Eastern part of Nigeria) I was born and raised in Vienna.

LADYBRILLEmag.com: You have a very creative background. Share a little bit of that with us?
I always wanted to be on stage singing and dancing but I also wanted to become a fashion designer. So, my mother decided to put me into design and musical school at the same time, which was great! I could not decide between music and fashion…but growing up in a conservative country, becoming a fashion designer was easier to achieve back then.

LADYBRILLEmag.com: If you were not designing, what would you be doing?
Singing and dancing

LADYBRILLEmag.com: But of course! What are your greatest accomplishments so far?
Fitting Michelle Williams from the former Destiny’s Child group for the VH1 Divas. I have also done a couple of music video styling such as styling T.I ft Jamie Foxx.

LADYBRILLEmag: What is the FULANI brand all about?
Fulani is full of sex appeal, self- confidence and elegance inspired by the Fulani tribe. We emphasize quality and (functionality). Our work is mostly with silk fabrics. The Fulani style is very classy with a lot of love for details. Designs are sexy featuring tasteful low cut and backless dresses and jumpsuits

LADYBRILLEmag.com: How does your brand resonate or translate to the Ladybrille American or European woman who wants to wear FULANI?
Well the Fulani brand has the same motto like Brilliant Lady- Ladybrille
The brand is Afro- European, accessible for the modern African woman as well as for the American or European woman!

LADYBRILLEmag.com: Do any of your designs have an African inspiration to them?
Of course especially the C2A collection (Coming to America) . . .

LADYBRILLEmag.com: What’s your favorite thing to do to help you unwind after a crazy day?
Good food and silence!!!!

LADYBRILLEmag.com: What is playing in your IPod?
R. Kelly

LADYBRILLE.com: The most exotic place you’ve visited so far is?
St. Lucia and Dominican Republic

LADYBRILLEmag.com: What is the one item in your purse you can’t live without?
My Blackberry

LADYBRILLEmag.com: What would you say are the qualities of a brilliant designer?
To design [clothes] that are unique, outstanding, sexy [yet] functional and comfortable.

Visit FULANI site for retail stores near you in Europe and the USA
~Article by Staff

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