Ghana: An Ideal Destination for Brilliant Divas!

President Barack Obama,Michelle, Malia and Sasha are now already in Accra, Ghana for their first visit to the country and West Africa. While we can’t take you there, you’ll definitely think about making Ghana your next travel destination after our travel review below:
For a safe, beautiful, relaxing and refreshing place for your next vacation, try the city of Accra, in Ghana, West Africa.

The tropical climate, citizens’ warmth, good infrastructure (clean and good roads, working street lights, accessible and efficient transportation, consistent power supply), beautiful beaches and scenery, great food and local fashion hot spots make Ghana an ideal destination.

If you are considering a vacation in [2009] where you can relax, have fun, refresh and rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit, then Ghana is a must!

A key part of the travel experience is which airline you fly. Three strongly recommended options are British Airways (BA), Delta Airlines and Ghana International Airways. BA is known for its polite and professional service. For a West Coast [brilliant] Diva headed to Ghana, BA’s signature style is never out of style.

Other options include: Delta Airlines, United, American and depending on where in the world you happen to be jetsetting, Emirates, Kenya, Lufthansa and South Africa Airways. A final option is Ghana International Airlines (GIA). The airline has only been established since 2005 but is backed by experienced professionals and the service from what we could gather is good. The only limitation is it offers to and from flights from Ghana to London.

Kotoka International Airport
Ghana’s Kotoka International Airport feels safe. Ghanian immigration gets you into the country pretty quickly. However, when exiting the country, be prepared to deal with some hassle immigration calls an “exit” fee even if you have proper travel documents.

Also, despite Ghana’s safe reputation, do not let your guard down, especially at the airport. Maintain a guarded watch over your belongings and never let out of sight your purse, wallet and travel documents. Kokota Airport is a refreshing change from airports in some African countries. You will not experience harassment for money. The citizens let you be and if they do speak to you, it’s to greet/welcome you.

Places to Stay
The number one choice, especially for a first visit to Accra, is the Golden Tulip Hotel. The five star hotel is located only five minutes from the airport and is almost like a one stop shop. It offers free hotel shuttle services from the airport to the hotel, free parking which is perfect should you get a rental, a lively ambiance, gym, business center, swimming pool, mini retail shops and a salon to get Divafied.

The hotel also offers a jazz nightclub and casino. Expect to pay about $200 a night for a room. Other hotel options include Labadi Beach Hotel and La Palm Royal Beach Hotel , all falling within $180-$200 per night.

If you are in the super Diva category that means you and your super Diva girlfriends can splurge like a celebrity. So, consider the White Sands Beach Resort located about one hour from Accra in the Central Coastal region. The best words that describe it are divine and breathtaking.

Places to Eat
Any of the hotel restaurants are a good starting place. The Golden Tulip and Labadi’s buffet styled breakfasts are delicious. Lunch and dinner menus at the Golden Tulip offer mouth watering selections of American, Italian, Caribbean and local cuisine all complete with great service. For other local options, get the hotel’s information desk and locals involved.

Places to Shop
There are lots of shopping spots but two common places for fashion Divas in Accra are the fashion boutique Woodin and the Center for the National Culture Textiles Market, located about 20 minutes from the Golden Tulip.

The Textiles Market offers authentic goods such as genuine leather clutches, totes, necklaces, beautiful color printed fabrics, artwork and music. Ghanians are famous for a genre of music called “Hip-Life.” If you are into sampling unique music, purchase a CD called “Mr. All 4 Real” by Ofori Amponsah. Dancing to Hip-Life will become your favorite hobby.

Woodin offers colorful Ghanian fabrics all cut into classic and modern Western silhouettes for children and adults.

High Fashion
For high fashion, contact Ghana’s top designer Aisha Obubi of the label Christie Brown or designer Ben Nonterah of the Ben Nonterah label, + 233 21 22 4747, + 233 244 27 1107, [email protected] and let them know you are coming to shop!

Places to Visit
Accra’s National Museum, Kwame Nkroma Central Market and the Ashanti Museum in the Chief’s Palace are all a must. Get adventurous by visiting the castles and beaches in the Cape Coast/Elmina Central Region of Ghana and walking the bridges in the Kakum National Park.

The Central Region is also where the White Sands Beach is located. It’s a great spot for all [brilliant] Divas to visit and perfect for a romantic or honeymoon get away. The name is indicative of literally endless miles of white sands and beautiful blue sea.

For the adventurous water loving [brilliant] Divas, you will be in water heaven with so many water activities such as water skiing, paddling and surfing. If you would rather enjoy the view from the sands, for some it is an ideal spot to sun bathe, with all the SPF protections of course, and take in, if you are lucky, the site of local fishermen celebrating their fish harvest with songs and dances.

Complete your visit to the White Sands by helping yourself to some fine dining at the White Sands Beach Resort’s Yellow Fin Restaurant. In the alternative, you can grab some equally delicious delicacies from their Lobster Grill or Snack Shack located in very close proximity to the beach.

~Article by Uduak Oduok

This article was first published in 2007 in print, online magazines and a few books. It has also been heavily syndicated so we thought to share with you. However, many things might have changed about Ghana. We’ve done our best to modify the article to meet current times but please be sure to do your research, especially on airline and hotel costs to make sure it fits your budget and that you have a great time!

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