Nigeria's 'Blackberry Fever' Fashion Craze

One of the major trends in fashion right about now is the craze for the Blackberry device, otherwise fashionably referred to as a ‘BB’ and its rave commonly dubbed, the blackberry fever. If you’ve not noticed, take a quick peep into the hands of young ladies and even guys (most times middle aged too) at the next party or event you attend in town you would find them seriously playing with their blackberry at the slightest given chance.

The Blackberry device according to the online encyclopedia is a line of  mobile e-mail and smartphone devices developed by Canadian company Research In Motion (RIM). While including typical smartphone applications (address book, calendar, to-do lists, etc., as well as telephone capabilities on newer models), the BlackBerry is primarily known for its ability to send and receive Internet e-mail wherever it can access a mobile network of certain cellular phone carriers. It commands a 20.8% share of worldwide smartphone sales, making it the second most popular platform after Nokia’s Symbian OS, and is the most popular smartphone among U.S. business users.

One tends to question why it is always on display, even when you find young ladies with big bags that reminds you of travelling bags slung on their shoulders on hung right over their arms. It has become a fashion statement that is becoming even trendier by the day.

But the ability to read mail, chat with friends and transact several multiple businesses on the go has made this technology a fashion fad that promises not to leave the scene anytime soon. It is easy to locate this fashionable technology because it is wrapped in various shades of soft rubber pads, others have added touch to the fashion craze by using jewel embellished pads.

Whatever you choose to clothe yours with, the Blackberry is a vogue that everyone wants to own. Among a group of young people it would not be unusual to find them twitting away on twitter, checking updates or chatting on facebook, downloading and listening to music from i-tunes. It is a better and convenient way they say, for everyone to stay connected to the internet and to avail themselves of the various products and services on available social networks.

Other internet enabled phones with various other features have given way for the Blackberry to dominate the scene. If you haven’t got one, you might be presumed to belong to the old school, to belong in this new school of emerging trend setters, you would do yourself a world of good to pick up a ‘BB’ today and guess what, it doesn’t even have to be the expensive ones.

Last word, it thrives better on display, make sure it is handy always, because that in itself is the trend.

~by Peace C.A. Ogbuagu

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  1. stephen says:

    great write-up i must say, it says alot about this blackberry fever.

    BB is no doubt the fever in 9ja now. It is important in our everyday living now to aid or enhance productivity, but what we get from naija is that we use it as a fashion statement either to show our arrival or oppress.the BB has come to stay because we really need it.
    weldone guys!

  2. Bola says:

    Nigerians must always have the latest accessory of the season whther it be a BB, lace wigs, huge designer bags…

    notin dey sha, thats how life goes. we’re human

  3. Nigeria’s ‘Blackberry Fever’ Fashion Craze

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