Nigeria's Fashionable Under 20 Football Coach, John Obuh, Makes Bold Fashion Statement with Mexican Hat

Fashion among Nigerians is such a wild craze that our very own under 20 coach, John Obu,  has caught on to it. His attire on the pitch, as his boys downed England by 1 goal to go on to quarter finals, distracted commentators of all sorts just a little bit, perhaps.

Very few football coaches have shown interest in fashion and it is interesting to see one of our very own carving his own niche in fashion. Sported in white trousers, black and white footwear and a black and a black top with white stripes and the best of all, a perhaps Mexican sombrero hat (Go Naija) which really did stand out, John Obuh told BBC Sport that the hat was given to him by the local governor in Armenia, Nigeria’s base since the start of the tournament.

“I put on the hat as a way of thanking the people of Armenia for their support and kindness during our stay,” said Obuh to BBC.

Apparently our latest “fashionisto” has had a craze with hats of all sorts.

“I love hats and I like them fashionable; I like something different and stylish,” Obuh continued to BBC.

‘He added that a similar hat, made from soft cane and worn in the past by Pope John Paul II and US President Bill Clinton, showcased his style and individuality… He said,“In my job I have to put on the best I can just like people going to church; the football pitch is my church.”’

Honestly, he may have stolen the game from his boys. Here is why:

-He won the man of the match award! (What about his boys?!)
-Some fans tried to make #JohnObuhHatCam a trending topic on Twitter (Again what about his boys?)
-According to BBC, Farayi Mungazi of BBC even got so excited he actually tweeted “Nigerian coach John Obuh wearing the coolest hat you will ever see at a football match!”

Well it is certainly nice to see coaches steal the show once in a while and it’s even better when they’re Nigerian. Football is indeed his church! Now let us wait and see what pops up on Sunday’s match against France. Most certainly a lot of commentators and Nigerians would be on the lookout for what he has to pull off again.

-Priscilla Bamfo
-Photocredit: BBC

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