Hilary Clinton Entertains a Run for the White House at LeadOn: Watermark Silicon Valley Conference for Women

With the goal of further strengthening our Ladybrille community by bringing content with added value for you our brilliant women leaders and entrepreneurs, I had the opportunity to be invited to attend the 2015 LeadOn WaterMark Silicon Valley Conference for Women. The event which was held today, February 24th, 2015, at the Santa Clara Convention Center in San Jose, California, saw two big highlights: 1) Designer Diane Von Furstenberg and 2) Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s keynote speeches.

Specific to Hillary Clinton, speaking to a capacity filled room of powerful women executives and global leaders, Clinton entertained the idea of running for the office of the President of the United States of America. She also spoke on issues of national security, Edward Snowden, equal pay for women, women in technology and so much more. This is her first main speech for the year.

Please check out some few images, (video) and my tweets from the event below.

SANTA CLARA, CA – FEBRUARY 24: Journalist Kara Swisher (L) conducts an interview with former United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton during LeadOn:Watermark’s Silicon Valley Conference For Women at Santa Clara Convention Center on February 24, 2015 in Santa Clara, California. (Photo by Marla Aufmuth/Getty Images for LeadOn:Watermark’s Silicon Valley Conference for Women)

LeadOn:Watermark's Silicon Valley Conference For Women

LeadOn:Watermark's Silicon Valley Conference For Women

Alright Madam Secretary . Whitney Houston’s ‘I’m every woman’ comes on. Hillary appears. The audience applauds. (Standing ovation) 

A woman with a Bachelor’s degree here in Silicon Valley tends to make 60% less than their male counterparts here. ~

“We are going backwards in a field that is supposed to be about moving forward. This puts our (daughters and) granddaughters at a disadvantage.”

“We are going backwards in a field that is supposed to be about moving forward.”

 “Progress is possible but it is not inevitable. In business and in life. It takes people working hard & together.”
“The challenges we are talking about are no way limited to the tech field.
LOL! is sharing the experience of when she was pregnant and working at a law firm.

She says her colleagues averted their eyes when they would see her and nobody seemed to know what to say.
“When women’s participation is limited, our country’s prosperity is limited too.”

The Great Unfinished Business of the 21st century is moving toward including women and girls around the world

 It’s not just wage equality. It’s also about work-life balance for parents.

Here we go with

Technology presents both Parallel and promise.

“In technology, it has been an almost wild west environment,” says

“I will vote for net neutrality” –

What Snowden did according to was very damaging to our national security.

 Americans are helping to retrain the Iraqi army. ~

I think meant to say or include Boko Haram in West Africa…not North Africa.


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