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LBW 005: Meet Juliet Ibrahim, Nollywood Actress and Entrepreneur

Actress, Philanthropist and Serial Entrepreneur Juliet Ibrahim on her Five Businesses, Steps to Launch Your Own Business, Acting, Divorce & more!

Juliet IbrahimThe Ladybrille African Woman Entrepreneur feature focuses  on the African Woman in Business and the steps it took her to launch her business and make it successful. In this first installment of the feature on the Ladybrille Woman Podcast show, our special guest is actress, entrepreneur and philanthropist Juliet Ibrahim. The twenty eight year old  shares the steps she took to launch her salon, modeling agency, retail store, and her production house. She also discusses her music, her work with her kidney foundation and how she launched the foundation. Finally, she opens up about her divorce from her husband, lessons learnt and provides tips for fellow African women in business. It is an interview you do not want to miss! Listen in and share!


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Quick Preview of the Podcast

  1. Juliet shares her past on experiencing three wars. (09:18 mark)
  2. Her father as a role model entrepreneur.
  3. Wanting to be the most influential woman in Africa (16:17)
  4. Becoming a model . (17:27)
  5. Becoming an actress. (17:45)
  6. Finding her calling/cause and her work with Kidney cancer. (19:20)
  7. Her dream to set up dialysis center across Africa.
  8. Obesity, smoking, diabetes increasing the chances of Kidney cancer.
  9. Things she learned from watching her father operate his businesses.
  10. How unwanted sexual advances and harassment motivated her to launch her business.
  11. What it takes to launch a salon, modeling agency, foundation, retail store.
  12. Management issues.
  13. Work as a brand ambassador.
  14. Her divorce and its impact on her life. (48:00 mark)
  15. Tips for African Women Entrepreneurs (57:30 mark)


“My personal failure will be my marriage because I am divorced now… I got married at age 24. We were happy, young people in love but we really didn’t get a chance to really know ourselves. . . somewhere along the line, family members kept coming in saying “oh no, she’s an actress…” I will be there and people will be saying all kinds of stuff and sending him messages saying I am in another man’s car even though I was right there with him…” – Juliet Ibrahim 

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