Mark Zuckerberg: How to build the future (Video)

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook Co-Founder and CEO, sat with Sam Altman of Y Combinator to discuss how to build the future company. In his discussion, he delved into the early days of Facebook, building the company, hiring, having some team members quit because they longer believed in the vision, and much more.

“The best companies that get built are things that are trying to drive social change, even though it’s local in one place, more than starting out because you want to make a lot of money or have a lot of people working for you or build some company in some way,” said Zuckerberg in the video interview.

“I always think that this is kind of some perverse thing about Silicon Valley in a way, which is that people decide often that they want to start a company before they even decide what they want to do. That feels like really backwards to me. For anyone that has experience building a company, you know that you go through some really hard things along the way. I think part of what gets you through that is believing in what you’re doing and knowing that what you’re doing is really delivering a lot of value for people. That’s how the best companies are getting made.”

Watch the insightful interview:

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