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Sacramento, CA (September 18th, 2008) Ladybrille announces it is the official media sponsor of the first Hollywood-Nollywood hybrid film written, directed and produced by a woman, A-list Nollywood Actress Stephanie Okereke. The film “Through the Glass” produced under Okereke’s Next Page Productions Company, a company registered in the USA and Nigeria, premieres in Hollywood at the Pacific Design Center on October 18th, 2008.

“Ladybrille is proud to be the official media sponsor for “Through the Glass. Stephanie’s commitment to using her craft to empower and encourage women, especially African women, to take on more diverse roles in the film industry is consistent with our business philosophy at Ladybrille,” says Uduak Oduok, founder and Editor-in-Chief of Ladybrille. “In a little over a year, we have become known for bringing urban yet cosmopolitan African fashions and entertainment directly to Western consumers. We hope to continue to become a powerful platform for Africa’s industry professionals and top brands to reach their target audience in the West and support filmmakers like Stephanie.”

“Ladybrille’s support of “Through the Glass” plays an important role in helping us reach a much broader audience, especially since “Through the Glass” consists of a very diverse cast,”
said Stephanie Okereke. “We are delighted Ladybrille is our official media sponsor and look forward to a mutually beneficial and rewarding relationship.”

“Through the Glass” is the story of Jeffrey [Garret Mckechnie] who lives the ultimate life of a bachelor going through numerous non-committed relationships, but struggles to excel at work and gain his father’s love and acceptance. Jeffrey’s life gets even more intriguing when life deals him a card that stops him in his tracks. On a typical day, he returns from work to find a note “take care of your responsibility” left on top of a baby who is abandoned on his door steps. In nothing short of what is scary, confusing and comedic, Jeffrey turns to his Nigerian neighbor, Ada [Stephanie Okereke] who he has a secret crush on, to help him. The film unfolds to answer pressing questions such as: what happens to the baby? Will Jeffrey break through the glass of his phobia for commitment and keep the baby? Will Jeffrey confess his secret crush on Ada?

“Through the Glass” premieres at the Pacific Design Center’s Silver Screen Theater, a 380 seat state-of-the art luxury film venue located in the heart of West Hollywood, at the corner of Melrose Avenue and San Vicente Boulevard. To watch the trailer and purchase tickets visit “Through the Glass.”

About Ladybrille
Ladybrille is the pioneer online publication that brings African fashions and its industry directly to the Western Consumer. Guided by its slogan, “Where the West Meets Today’s African Fashion Industry,” it fuses the best of both worlds, African & American/European, in an unconventional yet sophisticated way. The result is a publication that captures the beautifully intertwined yet distinct culture of African & American/European fashion and fashion lifestyles. Ladybrille delivers brilliant fashion focused coverage of Africa’s fashion, music and movie industries; with emphasis on Africa’s fashion industry via leading fashion designers, fashion and beauty trends, fashion weeks, award shows, fashion news and much more.”

About Stephanie Okereke
With a huge fan base across the continent of Africa, A-List Nollywood Actress Stephanie Okereke’s tenacity, wit, intelligence, grace and natural acting abilities has earned her a reputation as one of the best actresses on the continent and in Nollywood, the third largest film industry in the world. A graduate of English and Literal studies, Okereke made her first venture into film in 1997. By 2003, she won the Reel Awards “Best Actress” award for her role in the movie “Emotional Crack.” In 2005, she was a nominee for the Africa Movie Academy Awards [AMAA]. On her way to AMAA, however, tragedy struck when she was involved in a terrible car accident that left her with a broken leg and burns on her face and hands. Okereke, with a fighting and determined spirit, bounced back and by 2006, she won the Afro-Hollywood Awards, Film Makers USA Award for Excellence with subsequent awards in 2007 for the Miriam Makeba Award for Excellence and 2008 Beyond the Tears Humanitarian Awards for her work against rape, vesico vaginal fistula and HIV/AIDS.

Not satisfied with being just an actress and wanting to create a voice and other roles for African women in Africa’s film industry, Okereke came to the United States to study film at the New York Film Academy at Universal Studios, Los Angeles. Armed with her knowledge, intelligence, determination and creativity, Okereke established her Production company “Next Page Productions” and has recently expanded her portfolio to include the titles of director, writer and producer in her first feature Hollywood-Nollywood film hybrid, “Through the Glass,” creating what she hopes is a preview of the direction and roles African women will embrace in the film industry.

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  1. This is good Steph, keep it up.

  2. Im happy Stephanie sees the forest not just a tree. Congratulations to both of you on reaching out for bigger and better. I think its inspirational. Please let us know how we can do our bit to promote it.

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    congrats stephanie and ladybrille. it is awesome to see such beautiful strong black african women working together, harmoniously. it does says a lot about the both of you

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