Ladybrille Music: ‘On the Screen is Davido!’ Davido Ft. Naeto C- Back When (Video)

“On d beat is Davido!” Actually no, hold on, it’s time for us to translate that to ‘On d screen is Davido!’ As we gear up for this young artist to hammer our TV screens, computers, iPads and everything else new age, we must remind you that Ladybrille happily briefed you on this youthful talent, and now we are back to thrust the follow up your way with the release of his brand new video for debut single Back “When,” which features Nigeria’s hailed rapper, Naeto C.

Modern Nigeria is passionately in sync here: young music/film director Clarence Peters (Mo Hits, Waje, Soundcity Music Awards), a defined leader of the New School rap game, Naeto C and Afropop’s freshest superstar, the ATL born Davido, playfully toy with old traditions of the Hip Hop music video.

To remind us that Davido will indefinitely travel from “the beat” to becoming the “youngest badguy on TV”, the opening scene introduces us to Davido by sprawling these bright colored letters across a small TV screen owned by his boyish dimples. Next up, we are flooded with American Dollar bills, including a rolled up set in rubber bands in case we missed the emphasis. I mean of course we can’t escape the fact that lavishness is the dominant theme here; female models wearing money, their voluptuous lips crystallized with stones, while a thick platinum chain hangs from a bare-chested Davido. Money becomes an accessory, and that’s all it is in their world.

However it is all done with a nod or borrow from the ever-present UK and U.S Urban music video atmosphere. From the embodied attitude that spunky new UK RnB/Pop princess Jessie J wears on her Swarovski tainted lips in Dude it Like a Dude, to the cool suave of Jay Z and excited presence of Lil Wayne, all of these elements are thoroughly evident in Back When, therefore Clarence Peters stamps himself as a continued modifier of Nigerian music videos.

We also see significant elements of Davido’s personal style, ranging from stylish sunglasses to leather jackets and neat looking winter jackets- of course a little too warm for sunny Lagos weather, but indeed perfect for showing off some of that ATL ‘swag!’ As we suggested in our original article, we reinforce that Naeto C is the backdrop to this spectacle; although he provides that famous gloss many new artists would appreciate, he has stepped back both visually and lyrically for Davido to take control.

Bopping up and down with the excitement of achievement, and the prospect of materialistic pleasure that the video suggests, thinking of times “back when” is irrelevant. Davido is now aware that it’s his time to shine- oh wait, you already are!

-Maria Okanrende

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