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Ladybrille Music: Frakas Mo’Fire ft. Flavour N’Abania ‘Mo’ Fire-Fukka Fukka Fukka’

Latest music sensation Flavour N’Abania collaborates with New York based music and film producer Frakas Mo’fire for this reggae styled hit ‘Mo’ fire-Fukka Fukka Fukka.’ Flavour recently wrapped up his first US tour stopping in Dallas, Houston and New York to perform. While in New York he produced this song which he tells us is all about celebration of life and thankfulness to Jah for making it all possible. The song was produced by Val “Frakas” Amadi recorded in New York City and used for the Original Motion Picture soundtracks of the upcoming movies “The Gideon Force” and “Mixed Blessings” directed by Val “Frakas” Amadi, co-produced by Nkem Onumara and available through Val Media Inc/Pinnacle Films.

If you are wondering what “Fukka Fukka” means, Frakas and Flavour crew tell us “Fukka fukka is of West African origin, francophone and Ivorian to be exact. Having no literary meaning, it is a popular expression within the pop culture, especially within the Ivorian form of Soukus music called coupe d’ecale.Generally accepted to mean ‘flexing’, ‘shaking off’, ‘expressing oneself to the fullest’, it is often used as a dance style, with the dancer pumping out both fist in front of them and jerking them back and forth in sync with the rhythm, brushing off their shoulders, popping their collar and feeling larger than (life). Coupe d’ecale as a music genre is popular among African youth and is said to have originated from a dance style of the same name, which in French literally means to ‘cut and run’. More recently, the fukka fukka expression has come to be a pop culture main thing among African youth. . .”

On that note, we here at Ladybrille Magazine say GOODBYE TO 2010. It has been a beautiful year with a lot of growth for us. We did some things well, and some not so well. We heard from you all on things you liked, and others you could care less for.  All of that we came back to the drawing table, assessed and hopefully returned with positive and quality content and delivery that continues to inspire, entertain and inform you.

Thank you all for your support. We plan to take the cue from Flavour and Frakas to bring to you, in 2011, “Mo’Fire” and loads of celebration of Africa’s fashion, film, music and the arts. Have a brilliant time with your loved ones and we will see you January 5th, 2011. Ladybrille Magazine (ladybrillemag.com), you guys, is officially closed for business!

Yours Truly,
([email protected])
Uduak Oduok, Esq.

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