Ladybrille Kpop: ‘Now I Know’ by New Dynasty ft. Joon (Video)

Korea’s hip-hop duo New Dynasty represent hip-hop to the fullest with their latest hit, ‘Now I know’ featuring Joon. Check on it!

1. A line of hereditary rulers of a country: for example, “the Tang dynasty”.
2. A succession of people from the same family who play a prominent role in a certain field.

As fate would have it, two powerful forces have joined to create one hip hop powerhouse, ‘New Dynasty.’ ‘New Dynasty,’ also known as ‘ND,’ is composed of MC’s ‘Maniac,’ and ‘Snacky Chan.’ The duo is based out of South Korea and have been working together since 2008 as members of their former group, Uptown. The two members met at one of Chan’s performances in South Korea in the summer of 2007. Unknowingly, the two artists were both leaders of their own respective crews in their hometown’s of Busan (Maniac), and New Jersey, USA (Chan). Coincidentally, both were using the term ‘Dynasty,’ in their respective crew/label names. Since 2004, Chan had built an independent label in the United States called ‘Dynasty Muzik.’ During the same time period, Maniac had formed a well-renowned hip hop crew in Korea called ‘New Dynasty.’

As both would contend, they “never would have seen this coming,” but as fate would have it, the two have joined forces with one purpose in mind; to become the ‘new’ powerhouse in Korean hip hop. Due to internal disputes with their former label, the duo found a way out of their contracts and immediately began recording their upcoming album ‘Body Language,’ which is set to release this Spring under Big Muzik.

Born in Nuremberg, Germany and growing up in both Korea and Indiana, Michael Horton aka Maniac was born from an African-American father and a Korean mother. Maniac’s early influences came from artists primarily from the Midwest such as ‘Psycho Drama,’ ‘Twista,’ and ‘Crucial Conflict.’ To this day, his style includes the signature ‘twist’ that many artists from the Midwest are renowned for. His unique voice (deep and husky), along with his fast-tempo flow make him one of the most recognizable rap artists in South Korea. Furthermore, his success as a musician has led him to appear on a variety of television programs which have catapulted his fame to the next level.

Roy Kim aka Snacky Chan is a hip hop artist originally hailing from New Jersey. Born and raised primarily on the East Coast of America, Chan’s early influences mainly lie with artists near his hometown of New Jersey. Chan first got his start in the industry in the Boston underground scene where he released his first 12″ record under Detonator Records in 2001. Being one of the first Asian-American’s to gain recognition as a hip hop artist, Chan was immediately embraced by the Asian-American community. He later went on to release several albums and mixtapes to critical acclaim. His success as a solo artist later transformed into a successful career behind-the-scenes as the owner of his own independent label, Dynasty Muzik.”

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