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Tyler Perry Becomes First Black Man to Own a Major Film Studio in America | 5 Lessons to Note!

Entrepreneurs are problem solvers and the spirit of entrepreneurship is not limited to just one group or race. Yet, it is not uncommon to see many marginalized groups believe that successful entrepreneurs can only be found among other races or groups, except their own. That view seems true until, of course, one of their own …


Supermodel Iman on 6 Life Lessons From 40 Years in the Modeling Industry | WATCH

Supermodel Iman was a guest speaker earlier this year at Essence Carnival where she shared six key life lessons from her 40 years experience in the modeling industry. In a nutshell,  she said: 1. Find your tribe: They are there specifically for you. 2. Intern: Intern is good and essential. Don’t be afraid to even …