My Worst Day in Business: Interview with Joseph Siaw Agyapong, Ghana’s waste management mogul

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Ghana’s waste management mogul, Joseph Siaw Agyapong has built one of the most innovative enterprises in the country providing employment for over 250,000 employees in Ghana. Everything was going well until an accounting error led to the worst day in his business life. Join Peace Hyde as Joseph Siaw Agyapong narrates his story.

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  1. Why would a magazine advocating African women subscribe to the Western narrative of light skin and straight hair
    Sorry I cannot subscribe to this
    African women must for the sake of future generations of their daughters embrace their God given skin tone and hair texture
    Because God does not make mistakes
    He knew what he was doing when he made us the way he did
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    1. Author

      Florence, what are you talking about? Your comment is on a post about waste management? What has light skin and straight hair got to do with the discussion or even the magazine?

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