Meet Amina Hersi Moghe: One of Africa’s Most Successful Entrepreneurs

Meet Amina Hersi Moghe, born in Kenya and bred by Somalian parents. She is an entrepreneur and businesswoman who began at a very young age by managing her parents small shop and butchery after school. If only she knew, her early start in business was in preparation to help her become the multi-millionaire she is today.

Her parents wanted her to manage their family business, so they enrolled her in elementary accounting at an early age. Once she completed her studies she began trading at a small hardware shop they opened for her and was successful. Unfortunately, in the 90s the business tanked. Moghe also experienced a parent’s worst nightmare, losing two of her children in a road accident. After the devastating tragedy, she decided to leave Kenya and move to Uganda for a change of environment and as an attempt to ease the pain from her loss.

In Uganda, she founded a cement and hardware company of which she was able to use her experience to quickly make it one of the most successful companies in its industry at the time.

In 2007, she took the risk of joining real estate by establishing the Laburnam Courts Apartments. She has since launched several multi million-dollar projects in Kampala, Uganda. Her investments include Oasis Shopping Mall in Kampala’s central business district.

As of now, Amina is in the process of launching one of the largest Sugar Factory in East Africa. She’s an impeccable woman, power to her!

‘Meet Amina Hersi’ in the exclusive interview by BBC News Africa below:



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