Arise Africa Fashion Week ’09, Ade Bakare

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“Ade Bakare established Ade Bakare Couture in 1991, having graduated from Manchester University College, Salford, England. He gained his initial couture experience at the fashion houses of Victor Edelstein and Christian Stambolian.

In the late 90s, he started selling his own collections twice a year (spring/summer and autumn/winter) to boutiques such as Chic of Hampstead, Adele Davis of Bond Street, Lucienne Phillips of Knightsbridge and Ambers of Amersham in various parts of England, Scotland and the Channel Islands.

Ade Bakare’s collection can be described as classic, with a touch of modernity, drawing influences from architecture and colour. He is celebrated for his unique, ultra feminine and luxurious organza sweep coats.

He is constantly invited to show his collections all over the world, such as Vienna in 1995, New York in 2004, Cape Town and Durban in 2005/6, Jamaica in 2006 and Sierra Leone in 2006 and is currently working as a costume designer for a film called A Place in the Stars.”
~Bio by Ade Bakare via AFI

~Photocredit: Simon Deiner/SDR Photo

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