Abuja Food Festival 2009

Abuja Food Festival 3
Abuja Food FestivalBringing the ambience & cultural experience we are so used to seeing in cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Paris and London to Abuja, Abuja prepares for its  first inaugural food festival which takes place on October 31st, 2009.

“The Abuja Food Festival will bring together the city’s finest restaurants and carefully selected exhibitors to offer Abuja residents and visitors a taste of the wonderful things our city has to offer. Those who attend the festival will get to sample signature dishes from over 10 restaurants and discover products and services designed to enhance their lifestyle.

The Festival Café will be a place for visitors to enjoy wonderful treats as well as great drinks.
The Chef’s Corner will feature detailed and fun how-to demonstrations by leading Abuja chefs.
The Fresh Air Lounge will feature a bar with live music and entertainers that will complement the food and drinks. Parents will have the option of letting their children in the fun and safe Halloween KidZone.”

For more information, visit the Abuja Food Festival website.

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