What is CHANGE?

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“Dear Nigerians,

As we prepare to elect a new President that will lead our nation in the next 4 years, one thing is clear; we have decided to reject a one-party state that was forced on us by the PDP led Federal Government in the past 12 useless years. But the battle is not over. We must be careful not to repeat the same mistakes that brought us to our present state of pain and regret.

Today, everybody is talking about change. But what indeed is change? According to the Oxford Dictionary, change is: “an act or process through which something becomes different.” In other definitions, change connotes something new, fresh and different from the old or existing. From these definitions, which of the 5 major contenders in the presidential race truly represents change?

1. Dr. Goodluck Jonathan belongs to the PDP – a party that has led Nigeria for 12 years with nothing to show for it. If there is any candidate who has experience in government, it is Goodluck Jonathan who has been Deputy Governor, Governor, Vice-President, Acting President and President within a period of 12 years. Despite all that experience, today, the road between Port-Harcourt and Yenagoa must be one of the worst roads in Nigeria. So, how has his experience counted for change? All the things being promised now were never done in those 12 years.

2. General Muhammadu Buhari (Rtd.) is a contemporary of Margaret Thatcher. All credits to Buhari came by the use of brute force that will never work in a democracy. He was retired 26 years ago; around the time Dele Momodu’s Campaign Manager was born. No matter what happens to Great Britain today, Thatcher, John Major and Tony Blair can never come back. In the light of this, is Buhari a true definition or representation of change?

3. Mallam Ibrahim Shekarau has been governor of Kano State for 8 years. What did he do to bring back the groundnut pyramids? We are yet to see any Nigerian who can confidently say that Kano State, after 8 years of Shekarau, represents the new Nigeria of their dreams.

4. Mallam Nuhu Ribadu has always been a part of the system. For 5 years, he served this same PDP government under former President Olusegun Obasanjo and the late President Umar Musa Yar’Adua. Today, no one can say for certain that he weeded out 10 percent of the rot and corruption in Nigeria. The biggest wonder in Nigeria today is the fact that the same people he claimed were corrupt, are now his best friends.

5. If there is any presidential candidate who has always been at the vanguard of change in Nigeria, it is Bashorun Dele Momodu. In 1993, he was thrown into detention in Alagbon Close by the Babangida government for his support for the June 12 mandate. In 1995, he was forced into exile by the Abacha government when he was about to be arrested and charged for treason on the suspicion that he was one of the brains behind the pirate radio station Radio Freedom (which was later changed to Radio Kudirat on the assassination of Mrs. Kudirat Abiola). In exile in the United Kingdom, and as difficult as things were for him and his family, he still managed to run a regular programme on Radio Freedom, fighting for democracy and good governance in Nigeria. During his stay in exile, Dele Momodu created a global brand (Ovation International) from scratch and has managed same for the past 15 years with operations across over 60 countries in all continents of the world. He has created jobs and opportunities for young Nigerians at home and abroad. In his career as a journalist, he has written over 2,000 essays on all issues affecting Nigeria. At 50, he fits the bill as that new age leader who can deliver change to the people of Nigeria. He is the only presidential candidate who has shown faith in the Nigerian youth by appointing a 26 year old man as his campaign’s National Coordinator.

We believe our time has come to elect a new leader who truly represents CHANGE. Our time has come to elect a man who has not been corrupted by power and politics; a new generation president who understands how the modern world operates; a president who will unite and not divide Nigeria; a president who has managed his own business – a tested manager of men and resources; a president who in his private capacity, has been an ambassador plenipotentiary for Nigeria; a president who can stand beside any world leader and speak eloquently for Nigeria; a president who has never been accused of saying one thing today and later denying that he never said it; a president who will not spend N500 million fixing the president’s kitchen or spend N18 billion on presidential jets.

The surprise element is key in the politics of change. Barack Obama became a phenomenon in America because he came like a thunderbolt from nowhere. Naturally, Dele Momodu, is the game-changer in Nigeria. With the power of our votes, we can realize the dream of a new Nigeria. Vote Dele Momodu for President with his Vice Presidential Candidate Dr. Yunusa Tanko on the platform of the National Conscience Party (NCP).

Dele Momodu Presidential Campaign Organisation”

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