Video: How to Deal with Depression by Gloria Edozien

Gloria-EdozienHave you ever dealt with depression? Are you currently in that dark place where the thoughts in your head tell you it is better to end your life than continue in your perceived misery? You are not alone. There are millions who have suffered from depression and thankfully overcome it. Therefore, you can too. Listen to Gloria Edozien share her personal experience of dealing with depression. We at Ladybrille Magazine also encourage you to please seek professional help to help you.


“I have agonized about releasing this particular VLog because it takes me back to a really dark place in my life. But I realize that one of the aims of this VLog is sincerity.

A lot of people look at me today and think ‘ohhhh….Glory is such a bubbly person’…they wouldn’t believe that almost 8 years ago now, I actually was on the verge of ending my life. But that’s the thing about depression, it doesn’t come with a badge. One of the reasons why I am sharing this video is because I know there are many people going through the same emotions I went through on that day and hope by sharing my own experience, they too can feel a little empowered to seek the help they need.

If you are or know someone who maybe experiencing some of the symptoms (or related symptoms) described in this video please contact Dr. Gbonju Abiri, a senior resident at the Yaba Neuropsychiatric Hospital, Lagos, Nigeria, on +234 8033623415” – Gloria Edozien

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