How to Handle Failure #Stepintoyourgreatness

Failure can sometimes feel like the end of the world. It can feel like we have disappointed self, family, friends and other loved ones. It often strips us of our confidence and in extreme cases, can have us hiding from of the world out of  feelings of guilt and shame. A big part of our response to failure, I believe, is as a direct result of how we have allowed others and society at large to define what it means to be successful. For some of us, not having the degrees means we are failures. Still for others, it may mean not having financial stability, or failed relationships, among the kinds of factors we use to measure our worth. If you have been beating yourself up because you “failed” at that relationship, that career you thought you would have, you “failed” with your loved ones etc., it is time to shift perspective and begin operating from a new space, a space of power so you can live your best life.

How do you do this? Listen to Episode 001 of #MsUduakDaily and I hope it provides some tips for you and inspires you to embrace the fear, embrace the failure you may have had in your life, and move forward by stepping into your greatness. The power is in your hands to change your future.



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