Video: Body Image Issues from a Nigerian/African Woman’s Perspective

Gloria EdozienBody image is as much of an issue among Africans as it is their Western counterparts. In this video, one of my favorite media personalities Wana Udobang, joins host Gloria Edozien and other guests to discuss body image issues from a Nigerian/African woman perspective. It’s worth a listen. Check it out.

First off! We are sorry for the delay in bringing you the recent edition of The Inspire Series. We trust the this edition with our amazing guests on air personality Wana Udobang, actress Oreka Godis and stylist to the stars Veronica Ebie, makes up for the delay.
In our 6th webisode of the inspire series we are discussing Body Image Issues. Women can be very self deprecating about their bodies. We all complain about something, from weight, bra size, to the look of our derriere. This issue examines why we have such negative perceptions of self, is the media to blame or is there something more sinister about our physical perceptions? As usual, my guests are open about their personal body dilemma and their journey to self acceptance. We discuss candidly how our perceptions of self affect our everyday life. We also discuss our need to look and compare ourselves with celebrities instead of accepting who we are. We conclude by discussing what women must do to turn the tide for the next generation of girls.

-Uduak Oduok

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