Uzo Aduba Pens Positive Self-Esteem & Self-Love Letter of Advice to 18-Year-Old Self

Uzo Aduba Teen Vogue Self LoveNo matter how accomplished a person might be, one consistent universal theme appears to be the ability to  have a strong positive image of self and love self, unconditionally. Among women, it appears this issue is highly magnified as society tells and/or dictates almost every aspect of a woman’s life: how to act, think, talk, career to pursue, who and when to marry etc.

It is therefore refreshing to see Nigerian-American actress Uzo Aduba pen a  letter to her eighteen-year-old self underscoring themes of self love. UFO’s letter, shared with Teen Vogue, gives advice to her 18-year-old self about love and relationships, a women support group, friendships, advice from mom, and knowing your worth.

We encourage and recommend our readers to do the same. You can also watch a clip of Uzo reading her letter for Teen Vogue Magazine.

Dear Uzo,

It’s me, Uzo. You are 18 years old right now. You are getting ready to embark on the greatest journey of your life and this is what I need you to know.

Love and relationships

“Set your bar high. Don’t climb down from where your bar is set. Demand the respect, love, care, honor, queendom that you were given and born into this world deserving. Second thing, don’t be afraid to love. Love is beautiful thing. Love is a freeing thing, and you should always, always, always dare to open you heart and step into it.”


“It’s going to hurt. I’m not going to lie. But I think that’s the risk we have to take to reach the side of greatness and that’s where love lives. It’s going to challenge you and it’s going to test you … and I think what I would tell you more than anything when it comes to heartbreak is even though you felt it, dare to love again.”


“Guy friends, we need them absolutely. Continue to be a girl’s girl. You gotta be a girl’s girl Having a female support next to you, a female strength next to you is going to encourage you to be a better person. It’s going to empower and uplift you. It’s going to inspire you and it’s going to create an aspirational environment for you. That is what women do for women so lean into that. [Friendships] are the most valuable thing in your life, second only to family. Do not throw away good family.”

Knowing yourself

“Always know your worth and stand firm in that. Some people are going to try and challenge that but you know yourself. You know who are, you know the woman you want to be and the woman you hope to become. Stay firm in that knowledge. That is who you are and there’s nothing wrong with knowing who you are. It doesn’t matter.

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