Ty Bello's "The Future" Directed by Kemi Adetiba Inspires a Nation (New Video)

What nation postpones a national election leaving citizens angry and confused? Nigeria. What do Nigerians do about it? Many might be deterred and believe, come Monday April 4th, 2011 which is the newly scheduled date, that the status quo remains. They have no power. Their votes are meaningless. It appears musician Ty Bello understands these feelings and emotions all too well. Accordingly, Bello drops her new music video directed by Kemi Adetiba to inspire a nation this weekend, next week and in the future to never give up hope. The new music video titled “The Future” is a reminder that if Nigerians want future national elections that will be postponed, then they can sit and do nothing. Otherwise, on Monday, they must vote for the best candidate that will change Nigeria. A candidate that will allow Nigeria to be the great nation it can be. If on Monday postponement continues, Nigerians must persevere, wait and insist their votes be counted.

In this new music video, Ms. Adetiba interprets Ty Bello’s song brilliantly to deliver a finished product that showcases Nigerians from diverse socio-economic backgrounds who are all dealing with corruption, tribalism, insecurity and so many other hosts of issues. All Nigerians are affected whether they be Yoruba, Hausa, Calabar or Ibo. In Adetiba/Ty Bello’s video, these Nigerians become fed up. The lead Nigerian character and star of the video, Ty Bello, really gets to the “enough is enough” breaking point and demands change. Her anger is the catalyst that fuels change.

Nigeria’s arts and culture aesthetics are incorporated throughout the video, including Nigerian fabrics and fashion.There are cameo appearances by Nigeria’s media, music and film personalities. Motivational speaker Fela Durotoye’s appearance, however, leaves the strongest of lasting impressions as he completes the video with the following plea,

“The Future is not a time zone that is yet to come. The Future is everything that we can be but have not yet become. The future is everything that we can do but have not yet done. The future is here, the future is now. So go ahead and deliver the future because you can, because you must. Together, we will.”

Be inspired. God bless Ty Bello & Kemi Adetiba. God Bless Nigerians. God Bless Nigeria. VOTE on Monday. Make your vote count.

TY Bello – The Future from Kemi Adetiba on Vimeo.

~Uduak Oduok

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