The Rise of the Global-African Youth Consumer

“What does the global consumer and African youth (age 15-24) markets have in common? Everything, the African youth market is increasingly representative of the new global consumer class, in fact.

Africa as a region has the fastest growing population globally. This population will surpass India’s and China’s population as soon as 2025.

Currently, a large portion of Africa’s population is under 15. Even though the Global-African consumer group is still emerging, this youth “bulge” is getting ready to mature. These youth will be full-fledged citizens and challengers. We see evidence of them as citizens and challengers of the status quo with the political upheavals in North Africa. There are even minor movements in Senegal , Uganda, and other countries in Sub-Saharan Africa. Many see these upheavals rooted in politics, but in actuality, this is a shift in societies caused by a younger generation rising up – politically, socially, and economically.

While African youth have unique identities attributed to the continent’s history, heritage, culture, identity, and social structures, there is little indication that, at a basic level, they are inherently different from other youth globally. How could this be?

The African youth of today are exposed to new and different experiences. Technology is one medium through which youth become exposed. As more and more youth are able to connect with anyone anywhere through the web and phones, they begin to have new experiences which can change how they think of themselves and others, as well as their expectations and behaviors. . .”

Full Story on African Good News.

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