Social Media Week Lagos Launches Initiative to Connect and Collaborate with All 55 African Countries


#55FORWARD Invites Thought Leaders From Across The Continent To Serve As Ambassadors In Lagos & Help Shape The Future of Digital In Africa

November (19), 2013 — Social Media Week Lagos (SMW Lagos), produced by Dragon Africa and AFRIKA21, is a week long event that is part of the Social Media Week global platform and takes place in Lagos February 17 – 21, 2013. Social Media Week is built on the belief that we should better understand how technology is providing new inspiration for how we live, work and create. In a little over five years Social Media Week has built a dynamic platform for communities across the globe to discuss how social media and communication technologies are impacting lives on a local level. To date 26 cities and over 80,000 people have participated in SMW. In 2013 the SMW Lagos Team had the pleasure (and challenge) of widening the lens to include for the very first time an African city – Lagos, Nigeria.

“We believe passionately that the future of digital, social and economic growth inevitably belongs to Africa. This belief is what inspires our local theme: A Connected Africa Is The Future.”

Through programs and partnerships SMW Lagos will explore how Africans across the continent are using social media and communication technologies to drive business, create opportunities, improve lives and change the world. SMW Lagos 2014 will examine what a future of 1 billion people connected means for Nigeria, the African continent and the world at large.

In the spirit of the 2014 theme, “A Connected Africa Is The Future,” SMW Lagos launched 55 FORWARD a groundbreaking initiative inviting business, tech, entertainment, policy and media luminaries from each of Africa’s fifty-five countries to participate during the SMW Lagos conference. SMW Lagos will be accepting nominations for #55FORWARD Ambassadors thru to December 6, 2013. To participate in curated 55 FORWARD programming or nominate an individual or organization doing inspiring work one can submit an application via the SMW Lagos website at:

#55FORWARD Ambassador Application:

SMW Lagos 2013 Report:

SMW Lagos 2014 Overview & Partner Guide:

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