Paul Carrick Brunson: The one question that led me to change my career in 2017

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The one question that led me to change my career in 2017

What are you world-class at doing?

Really, think about it. What can you do better than the nearly 7.5 billion people on earth?

I thought about that exact question every week in 2015.

By the end of that year, I realized I didn’t have an answer. So I set my goal for 2016 to figure it out. Opposed to just sitting in a quiet room and meditating on an answer, I used the year to get busy and take risks. I closed the door on certain endeavors in order to make room to try new and bold projects. The year was filled with ebb and flow, but most important to me, through my myriad of experiences, I finally figured out what I’m world-class at doing!

Here are the 5 professional events of 2016 that most impacted my new direction:

1) Sold the Matchmaking Agency – 8 years ago, my wife liquidated her 401K and invested in the launch of a dream of mine – to create the first black matchmaking agency, predominantly employing black people, and predominantly serving black people. Everyone told her she was crazy for doing it. She got the last laugh. We sold the agency in August of 2016. Her return was 2000%+. We had a great run! The agency was the conduit of dozens of marriages and even more committed couples. We also truly pioneered an industry, inspiring 100s of new matchmakers and dating industry professionals (especially of color) to launch businesses.

2) Executive Produced & Hosted TV Show – I’ve dabbled in the TV business for the last 6 years. Since then, I’ve hosted several TV shows, including one with Oprah Winfrey and another currently in it’s second season called Our World with Black Enterprise. That said, my biggest TV project to date was filmed in 2016. Produced by an ABC production company, it is the longest filmed social experiment on personal development and the power of self-love. The series was shot over a full 10-month period. Not only was I blessed to host, I also received my first Executive Producer credit. The show will debut late 2017.

3) Selected by LinkedIn as a Top Voice – Out of 3 million writers on LinkedIn, I was ranked No. 7 in writing content about management and culture. I’m very proud of this accomplishment because it is outside of what I’ve become mostly known for in the last few years (matchmaking). At heart, I’m an entrepreneur and teacher and this accolade acknowledged both.

4) Mentored 400 People One-On-One – My goal at the start of 2016 was that no matter how busy I got, I would make it a priority to give back. So, nearly every Friday of the year, I spent an average of 6-8 hours mentoring people around the world, pro-bono via online video. We discussed topics within entrepreneurship, personal branding, and relationships (business and romantic). This was truly profound. Not only did it feel good to help so many people, I also learned an incredible amount, namely that teaching is the best teacher.4) Mentored 400 People One-On-One – My goal at the start of 2016 was that no matter

5) Co-founded Black Love Industry Professionals (BLIP) – In an effort to increase the quality of love specific products and services delivered to the black community, as well as to change the narrative of love within the black community, I co-founded BLIP – the first black professional organization in the love industry.

Each one of these experiences in 2016 gave me the final piece of the puzzle. I realized I’m most alive when mentoring – whether it’s coaching, consulting, speaking, or even interviewing. I view these all under the umbrella of educating through personal experience (i.e. mentoring).

My 8 years of matchmaking taught me about the power of words. Literally seeing my advice credited with a new marriage was hands down the most incredible feeling. My years of TV experience I look at as a great bullhorn. I’m proud to have never taken a TV project unless it included an element of educating the audience. The writing and mentoring experiences gave me direct access to influence the thoughts and ideas of people, often in areas around the world I’ve never stepped foot in. Lastly, the founding of an organization like BLIP gave me an opportunity to see how bold ideas, if percolated in the right group, can have deep impact.

Ultimately, I believe I’m a world-class mentor.

This is what I love. This is where I believe I can make my biggest impact in the world. This is the new career I’m taking on in 2017.

I’m working on several exciting projects to better focus my talents and will be sure to announce them to you first here via email, but in the interim, I want to invite you to be part of my new co-hort:

Late last year, I took on 10 people eager for a breakthrough. The class is now mostly closed and according to feedback, they unanimously stated they had an incredible experience. Today, I’m opening the program again but with some major differences. I learned from last year’s group the importance of “meeting my students where they’re at,” so opposed to only accepting people of certain experience, or asking that a pre-arranged curriculum be followed, or setting a minimum cost of a multi-session program, I’m simply going to be open. I’m welcoming all levels of experience, all objectives within small business and romantic relationships, and all budgets…yes, all budgets. My goal (and in part a self-imposed test) is to try to accommodate everyone. Now, this doesn’t mean I will be able to work directly with everyone who has interest but what it does mean is that I’ll personally read and assess each email of interest and respond with my best thoughts on a solution for you. For example, if your budget falls far outside of my standard (which is $350-$500 per hour), I may fit you in a small group with the same objectives. I’m challenging myself to figure out a way to help everyone who needs it. All that said, if you believe I can help you, let’s do it! Simply respond to this email with 5 bullet points:

  1. Your name 🙂
  2. Your goal (and if you have any deadlines).
  3. What you believe is your roadblock.
  4. Your hourly and total budget.
  5. If you’re open to being teamed with a group

Of course, if there is anything else I can support or answer for you, don’t hesitate to reach out.

My motto for 2017 is “Let’s Level Up!” = Together, let us move to the next level of our careers, our businesses, our health, and our relationships.


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