African Cinema: Watch Season 1 of Romantic Dramedy ‘Our Best Friend’s Wedding’

Fashion, music and  an interesting script intersect to become ‘Our Best Friend’s Wedding’. Our Best Friend’s Wedding is a romantic dramedy about a young man who panics and buys an engagement ring on a whim. He recruits his two female best friends to help go through a list of potential candidates and sets off a series of events that leads to a wedding. The series stars Adebola ‘Illrymz’ Olowu, Oreka Godis, Gbemi Olateru-Olagbegi, Chris Attoh, Timi Charles-Fadipe, Unamka Marycolette, Yewande Lawal, Sarah Boulos and Theo Lawson.

Charles panics after visiting his mom, buys a ring on a whim and recruits his two girlfriends, Jade and Kemi to help him find his lucky bride. Promise throws a new year’s eve party and offers Charles support upon learning of his decision to get married.

Kemi and Jade help Charles put a plan together on how to find his bride even though he is distracted by a surprise encounter he had at work. We also get to meet Tara and discover why she is thirsty.

Kemi and Jade visit Charles to get feedback on his first date and things get heated. Charles visits his mom to confront her about his fears and Promise seems to have gotten himself in a lot of trouble.

Charles, Kemi and Jade are at the hospital waiting for news on Promise and they bump into one of the ladies on Charles’ list. Charles gets another surprise at work when his boss asks him to join a meeting with Onome.

In this episode, Onome makes an interesting proposal to Charles. Jade’s business proposal gets turned down by a government official and Charles goes on a date with Shayo.

In this episode, Tunde visits Jade where he meets Kemi and Charles but the visit ends abruptly as he leaves to attend to an emergency. Charles goes on a date with Yetunde and later gets a surprise visitor.

In this episode, Jade and Tunde go out on a date where they learn a lot more about each other. Charles and Onome spend the day together in his apartment also learning new things about each other and we catch up with Promise.

n this episode, Jade pays Tunde a surprise visit which doesn’t go well. Charles goes on a date with Bukola but he can’t seem to get his mind off Onome.

In this episode, Charles talks Kemi through issues she’s having with her husband, Jade and Tolu resolve their issues and Tunde makes an interesting purchase.

In this episode, Charles gets stood up on his date, coincidentally, Jade is also in the same predicament after Tunde gets himself stuck in traffic and we get to meet Chioma before Onome drops a bomb on Charles.

In this episode, Charles, Jade, Kemi all meet up at Gloria’s house to celebrate her birthday and revelations are made.

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