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Odio Mimonet Disappoints at Arise Magazine Fashion Week Lagos 2012 – #AMFW #NigerianDesigners

In our view, Odio Minonet showed a disappointing collection at the just concluded Arise Magazine Fashion Week Lagos 2012. While it is great Arise wants to give visibility to as many designers as possible, quality over quantity should be the order of the day. It will reduce the amount of cancelled shows and model disputes, and most importantly, will push Nigerian designers to understand the distinction between tailoring and being a designer. Overall Odio Mimonet showed a disappointing collection which lacked any cohesiveness in thought process and execution and it was unclear who exactly the label was designing for. However, there was a glimpse of home with a few designs featured here.

Collections that simply should not have been on the runway

Clothing is supposed to make women look beautiful not this ridiculous.

-Uduak Oduok
Photocredit: Kola Oshalushi/Insignia

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  1. @Lisa,

    You speak with bias but turn around and say others do. I don’t need to share my 20years extensive experience in fashion from modeling to working intimately with designers, fashion publishing, gazillion New York Fashion Week “haute couture” shows with you and more. If I did, we would be here all day.

    Suffice it to say, there is a fine distinction between having a command of textiles, embroidery on fabric/ embellishments etc. and executing a cohesiveness well thought out unique point of view collection. If this is “couture” then you really, with all due respect, need to go back to your fashion basics.

    Finally, you know or should know that invitation by Event Producers in different countries around the world to showcase does not take away from a criticism of a collection. It also does not necessarily mean you are that good. Event producers are in the business of producing shows. To participate, designers, for the most part, have to pay monies to be a part of the show. At times, if they cannot pay, the event producers foot the bill depending on how desperate they are to just have designers fill up space at their shows. Nigerian designers and other African designers have fallen prey to a lot of shows that are supposed to happen and either never take place or are terrible waste of time.

    Now if you told me Milan Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week or Paris Fashion Week has invited the label because they saw this collection and where impressed, I might raise an eyebrow, although it will not change my conclusion on a less than below average execution and lack of cohesiveness.

    We have featured Odio Mimonet in the past and have been happy with what the label put on the runway. This one, missed the boat. That you like it, is fine. We don’t and we definitely disagree it is a collection that is up to par much less “couture.” I know the label will take our criticism and do better. When that happens, we will praise them.

    Thanks for your comment nonetheless.

    Uduak Oduok
    Editorial Director

  2. Bee says:

    I agree with Lisa. Obviously Arise didn’t agree with the blogger!
    The blogger clearly doesn’t know much about fashion, because there wasn’t anything said about the form or function of the clothing, just “I was disappointed”. Probably doesn’t realize that not all clothes need to be clear copies of karen millen dresses.

  3. Clearly, this is a grossly biased post ( i bet you guys won’t even put this comment up at all).

    Mimonets clothes were beautiful, there were other items of clothing that she placed on the runway that may be more palatable to your taste and for public consumption than the ones you chose.

    But of course- Couture by definition isn’t for the masses nor for those who “like what they like but don’t get fashion” that’s what Topshop was invented for….

    We were impressed, so much so, that she has been asked to represent West Africa fashion in London, Milan, New York and Tokyo this year. Odio Mimonet understand the use os textile architecture, lines, shapes and fabric contrast, she stays true to her heritage with prints, beading and embroidery detail but shows a boldness a flair and aptitude for all seasonal fashion by producing not just “fun pretty things” or edgy suits and party dresses which seem to be the Nigerian norm.

    Odio’s catwalk told a textile story from beginning to end starting with lace pieces, embellishment to future fabrics and protective inspirations- any “lack of cohesion’ observed would be due to an untrained eye not mimomets clothing synergies.

    And yes- you may quote us.

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