Nollywood, Gollywood, Make Way for Sierra Leone’s Sollywood!

“In a few years, people won’t be talking about Hollywood or Bollywood or Nollywood. People will be talking about Sollywood in Sierra Leone,” says musician, producer, director and screen writer Jimmy Bangura aka Jimmy, about Sierra Leone’s emerging film industry. Jimmy B. is the pioneer of Sierra Leone’s film industry helping to redefine the image of Sierra Leone, through his company Paradise Records which produces music videos and films.

The experienced film maker has successfully lured A-List Nollywood actors like Ramsey Nouah to partake in Sollywood’s renaissance. He has also reached out to other African countries’ film stars to help grow Sollywood, casting them in roles in his films. Not willing to leave anyone behind when it comes to Sollywood, Jimmy is also extending the reach of Sollywood films to french speaking African countries.

How is Jimmy B. and Sollywood doing? From the look of things, not too shabby. He has successfully produced Sollywood movies that have been screened on Africa’s popular television stations like DSTV and MNET. His films have also been screened on Sky Television, a channel that reaches millions across Europe. Some popular Jimmy B. movies are ‘For the Love of Money,’ ‘Aminata,’ ‘The Assasins,’ and ‘Eagle Eyes.’

Lucky Jimmy, all of his efforts have not gone unnoticed. He has won numerous awards for his contribution to his country, including receiving the Order of the Rokel, Sierra Leone’s highest award for his contribution to National Development. If Jimmy B. keeps up this momentum and continues to inspire local filmmakers, then indeed Sollywood will, in only a matter of time, be on everyone’s lips!

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