Nigeria Entertainment Awards 2008, Top 7 Moments + Brilliant Looks, Artists & Winners!

NEA 07This weekend’s 2008 Nigeria Entertainment Awards [NEA]was chic, glamorous, fun and emphasized what most already know, “Africa has some of the most GORGEOUS women you’ll ever see!” Of course we were there and we bring you some of the brilliant moments, artists, winners and looks from this year’s event!


  1. When recording artist Modele sang Nigeria’s National Anthem, beautiful!
  2. When Atlanta based Zainab performed “Moving on,” captivating!
  3. When Ndu, Canadian based R &B singer and rapper performed ‘Lil’ Poetry,” smooth!
  4. Absolutely brilliant and very funny was Comedian Basorge who won Best Comedian of the Year. A taste of his comedy? He highly anticipated visiting the UK. Ultimately, he was granted a visa to do so. He had a final destination/ address in the UK and had memorized it in anticipation for immigration in the UK. He gets to the UK and is greeted by immigration at the airport in the form of a white lady with a very strong british accent. He mimics her strong accent, which is unintelligible and gets a hearty laughter from the audience, asking him where he is going. After three failed attempts to understand what she is saying and fearing he will be sent back to Africa, he decides to play deaf and dumb.
             In response to her questions, he mimics what has got be the funniest sounds and movements that a  deaf and dumb person allegedly makes.

In response, she calls her supervisor and says, “we have a problem here. This man is deaf and dumb and has no address.” The supervisor replies, “have you tried sign language?” She responds, “yes but he does not understand it.” The supervisor says, “well if there is no address and he is deaf and dumb, then we will just have to send him back to Africa unless we can find someone to interpret.” Comedian Basorge scored a hysterical laughter with his audicence when he said he broke out of his deaf and dumb character, immediately raised his hands and in a thick Nigerian accent said, “I will interpret!” because he was NOT going back to Africa!

  • Fuji icon Adewale Ayuba doing an impromptu acapella of his hit “Raise The Roof” on stage as he prepared to present an award.
  • Tosin Martins performing “Olo mi” and the ladies singing along with him.
  • Eldee performing and having most of the audience respond by getting up and dancing along with him.


These artists we felt had great cross over appeal and with time will be a global sensation:

1) Zaina- absolutely captivating, strong stage presence, style, presentation and lyrics. Simply terrific! Listen to her song “Moving on” here.
2) Modele- Strong! Her hit song Adara is simply amazing and she is one to watch for. Listen to her hit song, “Adara” here.


Best Album of the Year: ASA by Asa

Hottest Single of the Year: Yahooze by Olu Maintain

Best New Act of the Year: TY Bello

Best Afro Pop Act of the Year: 9ice

Best Gospel Act of the Year: Dekunle Fuji

Music Producer of the Year: Dr Frabs

Best Music Video of the Year: Do Me by P Square

Best International Single of the Year: Spray Me Money Remix by Oladele ft Eldee

Best International Album of the Year: Chapter XIII by Keno

Best International Producer of the Year: T Money

Best International Music Video Of the Year: Wetin Man Go Do by Amplifyd Crew

International Event of the Year (Presented to a promoter): NRC Reunion

Best World DJ: DJ Humility

Best Comedian: Basorge

Best Film: Blessed Among Women

Best Actor: Olu Jacobs

Best Actress: Kate Henshaw

U.S Based Promoter of the Year: Tribe X Entertainment


[All photos by Kolure images, unless otherwise stated]

We loved Maryland based recording artist Kecha’s very cool belt.

Amplifyd crew

Dallas based African Kings. Absolutely hillarious to watch and we dug their hip-hop look.

Kemi Adetiba, Nigerian TV personality


Nominees Eldee in the middle and Oladele to the right
Remi Fagbohun (R), proprietor of the versatile shopper with husband Shola Adebayo Fagbohun
Tosin Martins being interviewed by the lovely Lola Adesioye of the Guardian, UK

NEA’s President Tope Esan
Absolutely funny man with a fierce and smooth swagger, Basorge
Co-host of 2008 NEA Awards, Tatiana who was 2nd runner up in Big Brother Africa.
Gospel Artist Dekunle Fuji
Onyinye [L], Nollywood Actor Ramsey Noah & Supermodel Oluchi- Photo courtesy of Elfonnie
Ebbey Bassey
Fuji Legend Adewale Ayuba
Recording artist, Modele

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    Nice pics, the guys did their best to make this event rock and it shows, good job!

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    Lovely pictures.

  3. Bobby Taylor Consult says:

    Girl! Let me tell you! I regret not going and it shan't happen ever again! The event looks like it was amazing with great people there.First off i gotta say i am proud of some of the poeple i work with.NDU…gosh…NDU comes from a little town in the prairies of Manitoba. I heard him the first time and i said "Man…you should be out there…"Before NDU left for NEA…Winnipeg threw him a party. It was such a big deal in our city that one of our Winnipeg-ers was nominated for an award.So to know he went out there and performed so well, just makes me so proud.Remi Fagbohun looks stunning…and her wardrobe speaks everything she does and believes in. Yum!To me she was one of the best dressed!eLDee…new image…hot SUIT! The man is not only an artist, but many other things…lets just call him a business man…hheheheh!and YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU! Girl, you looked amazing. Gotta tell you that…your hair cut suits your face and the dress was on point.Muah!Bobby

  4. Ifeoma says:

    Ladybrille, me likey, your outfit. It makes one go ga-ga. Girl, you were working the outfit, you know, the whole nine yards. The make-up, accessories, hair, you name it. The photographed individuals look good as well

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