Music News: Hip-hop Goes Nolstagically Global with “Diaspora Mixtape Volume 2 Project!”

The best of the best hip-hop lyricists, globally, have collaborated in history making fashion to “spit” in their native tongues some of the hottest lyrics on some “dope” beats; as they positively express their cultural  identities. They also challenge stereotypes that attempt to define or pigeonhole them into what they are not. It is a project with a very progressive vision and it is available for FREE download! Ladybrille hip-hop heads and music lovers in general, there is something for every one. There are submissions from Morocco, China, Zimbabwe, Italy, Haiti, Burkina Faso, Uganda, California, New York, South Africa, Brazil, Nigeria and the list goes on!

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International Hip-Hop Comes Alive: Nomadic Wax Records set to release Volume 2 of “Diaspora: A Global Mixtape Movement”

“These kinds of global collaborations are so important because they showcase the revolutionary power of Hip-Hop culture,” says Diaspora producer DJ Nio, “They bring people together from around the globe – even if they speak different languages, have different religions, ideas, and backgrounds. Hip-Hop is a universal language without barriers. Like George Clinton said, it works toward building ‘one nation under a groove’.”

Following the critical success of Diaspora Mixtape Volume 1, Nomadic Wax Records is proud to announce the release of a second installment in the series. With unparalleled levels of innovation, Nomadic Wax’s second Diaspora Mixtape is something the global urban media market has never encountered. Nomadic Wax presents a broad variety of front line urban music from around the world, representing the genre’s growing presence in mainstream culture as well as its new stand alone capacity as a form of social and economic development.

Diaspora Mixtape Volume 2 is mixed by Filipino-American DJ Boo (Juggaknots, Eternia), audio mix and mastered by Dan Cantor (NotableProductions), and produced by Genovese DJ Nio (Zero Plastica, Basement UnderGround). Volume 2 features talent from Africa, Europe, North America, Asia and South America. A global evolution from Tony Touch’s legendary Power Cypha: 50 MCs mixtapes series, the Diaspora Mixtape brings together over 50 international Hip-Hop artists who contribute a 16 bar verse in their native tongue, showcasing the cultural, stylistic, and linguistic diversity of each region’s respective Hip-Hop scene.

The mixtape’s run time has been doubled to 50 minutes and, in an exclusive, behind-the-scenes move, a 30-minute video was added. Revealing details from the conception and production of “Diaspora Mixtape” including clips of each artist in their respective environment spitting their bars from the drop. Known for their work uniting international artists through media projects and cultural exchanges, Nomadic Wax has grown into one of the preeminent brands in global urban music and media.

“Hip-Hop has been around for over 30 years and has become a global phenomenon,” says DJ Boo, “For me, this project
is the perfect way of showcasing the power of Hip-Hop music and culture. Like in the US, international Hip-Hop has given young people a way to combine their traditional musical forms with a modern and global spin… rather then copying American Hip-Hop, they still retain their identities by performing in their native languages and creating music with subject matter relative to their own environments.”

“The next evolution of Hip-Hop culture has come from the global phenomenon,” says Diaspora emcee Hired Gun, “It only
makes sense that with its power to unite and give voice to the unheard and ignored, that hip hop would be the medium and means for people from many different languages, backgrounds and cultures to congregate together through word. sound. power.”

Diaspora: A Global Mixtape Movement [Volume 1] encompasses a strong blend of great production, flawless mixing, and perfect tempo. Through the artists’ impressive songs, the mixtape shows that several countries can live in perfect harmony and play well in the musical
spotlight. – Okay Player

Visit to learn more about the project and download Volume 2 of the series.

For interviews, media inquiries, or for information about other projects, etc. please contact Nomadic Wax via Ben Herson at (917)
225-8472 or [email protected], and Magee McIlvaine at [email protected].

About Nomadic Wax – Nomadic Wax is a fair-trade media and events production company dedicated to producing and promoting global
urban music.

Tracklist –
(Intro) DJ Boo – NYC
Metric Man – Trinidad-Tobago/NYC
Rafiya – Congo/Philadelphia
Hired Gun – NYC
Shokanti – Cape Verde/Boston
Alex Antonov – Italy
Amkoullel + Ramsès (Made In Africa, M.I.A.) – Mali
Outspoken – Zimbabwe
Mr. Reo – Haiti/NYC
Final Outlaw – NYC
Delaceiba – Honduras/NYC
G.O. Mantrazik – Tunisia
This Side Up – Ireland
Zero Plastica – Italy
Legijata – Macedonia
Infinite – New Jersey
Lalibella – Uganda/NYC
Senor Igor – France
Trenton – South Africa/UK
KTD – Senegal
Mohammed Yahya – Mozambique/UK
Siak De Illuminate – Argentina
Quadraphonik – Morocco
Poetes Fyziks – Gabon/Burkina Faso
Daddy Jeff – Euskadi
Entroterra Roots – Italy
Stichiz – Haiti
Baf Diguess – Burkina Faso
LMNZ – Germany
Grandmaster Chu – China/USA
Wes Chen – China
Cambio – California
Aivan – Sapmi/Norway/Malta
Seventh Mic – Burkina Faso/Canada
Monza – Mauritania
Marcianos Crew – Argentina
Yao Bobby– Togo
Njimole – Nigeria/New Jersey
Contra Las Cuerdas – Uruguay
Illard Scott – NYC
(Outro) DJ Boo – NYC


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