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MOMO: This/Day Arise Magazine, African Fashion Collective Fall 2009

In these very tough economic times where fashion designers have scaled back on shows at New York Fashion Week and some not show at all, for each African Fashion designer who showed at fashion week, there had to be something that made each one stand out when pitied against their American/International counterparts. Something memorable. Basically a ‘umph’ factor that gets the press going and buyers excited to order knowing that it will rejuvenate and make customers spend, again.

The designs shown by Fati Asebuela, the designer behind the label MOMO, failed to do so. In fact, MOMO’s designs played safe–too safe to the point where it crossed over to the land of “just there” i.e. unmemorable. Her Fall ’09 collection while nicely tailored,lacked a unique identity that would make any fashion-forward woman forgo spending on a label she is used to for a MOMO design. We hope next season, if she shows, that she BRINGS ON THE FIERCENESS.


Photo credits: Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

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  1. mark johnson says:

    very nice i just saw this for the first time go africa were are getting there, momo good printes and good work, every one of you put africa up to the sky, good work guys

    stay blessed


  2. Anonymous says:

    i love momo collection is what i called from catwalk to stores, good momo work all the best

  3. says:

    Read our commenting policy before you leave one. We have low tolerance for the back and forth fitting for a Perez Hilton site. This is Ladybrille NOT Perez Hilton. Regards,Uduak OduokEditor-in-Chief

  4. Anonymous says:

    Anonymous feb16You are chastising someone for being bitter and then you launch into a rude personal attack. Ladybrille is a website for the fashion industry and that industry is open for critique.It would be nice if everyone said everything was wonderful all the time but its not very helpful or interesting to do that. We have a habit as nigerians of praising everything we see without observing it with a critical eye which is a huge pert of the reason why mediocrity reigns supreme in our nation.Personally MOMO'S collection wasnt to my taste but I see her point of view and know plenty of people that would appreciate her designs. Im entitled to my opinion and the other commenter is entitled to hers.I think your comment was childish.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I will say WTF!!!I was watching MOMO's collection in the lobby at the Tent and I was WTF?!!Did she travel all the way from Nigeria to show those things that could pass for what you can get from a second-hand market at Ojuelegba?Why is she showing what the foreign designers have already seen and are still showing?What did she bring new to the table?Please, somebody tell me she lost her 'real' luggage on the plane and just showed what she had in her extra bags to donate to charity here!I am DISAPPOINTED!!! I guess here having money made her part of this team, cos I can bet you we have better African Designers in the USA who could have torn the roof down there with simple fabrics and those that would have wowed the world with African fabrics as well.Please, THISDAY should actually scout and make sure they give this chance to people that would bring a better show next year!What was the criteria for selecting these ones that came by the way? !!!!

  6. Anonymous says:

    My initial WTF! reaction to some random images of MOMO dresses that I saw has mellowed considerably now that all the pieces are together. Its not whimsical and exciting but it is commercial, saleable and wearable which is what buyers have been asking for this season.And while it isnt my taste, I can see the woman that it is aimed at and I prefer it to the caravan of random ideas that Tiffany Amber showed.

  7. Divalocity says:

    I love them! Dress those outfits up with the right accessories, shoes and don't forget your own fashion sense and you will look fabulous. Clothes don't have to cost a fortune to look "divalicious" just do you and you're off!I watched the fashion show on the MBFW web-site and I was smiling from ear to ear! I’m so proud of all of the designers who were showing. Is Duro Olowu going to show? I may have to check the schedule again to see if he is. I hollered when I saw Miss Grace Jones, she can still rule the runway and I hope the young ones were watching! The woman is 60 years old and she still looks good! If Mounia and Pat Cleveland show up and "rule" the runway, I may faint! LOL!

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