Macy’s Open Call for New Designers at Herald Square, New York City

Event Overview
Established apparel and accessory designers are invited to introduce their work to Macy’s fashion directors, buyers and merchants at “Macy’s Open Call”, a program created to find the best designers and product resources in existence who are not current Macy’s vendors, but whose products might enrich Macy’s assortments and bring even more fashion to the Macy’s customer.

In order to participate, professional designers with production capability are asked to submit an application online at Completed applications must be received Jan. 15 – Jan. 31 in order to be reviewed by the Macy’s Fashion Office. Applicants will receive a response from the Macy’s Fashion Office by email during the first two weeks of February 2010, to advise if they are being invited to participate in Macy’s Open Call, which will be an opportunity to present their work, in person, to Macy’s fashion directors and selected Macy’s buyers and merchants at Macy’s Herald Square in New York City on Feb. 25 or 26.* Again, invited designers are expected to present their work in person at the Open Call at the scheduled time Feb. 25 – 26, 2010.

Important Dates
Jan. 31, 2010 – Last day to submit applications
Feb. 1-15, 2010 – Communication from the Macy’s Fashion Office to applicants
Feb. 25-26, 2010 – Macy’s Open Call Presentations

Open Call Presentations

  • The presentations will be made to the Macy’s Fashion Office directors and selected Macy’s buyers and merchants.
  • The presentations will be scheduled for specific appointments, each approximately 10 minutes long, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Feb. 25 and Feb. 26.
  • Each participating designer should bring 6-10 samples of product that s/he regards as best from a fashion-forward, value perspective. Samples may be presented in any combination of actual goods, sketches, other images and/or editorial materials.
  • Each participating designer should also bring a copy of his/her application.
  • Each participating designer should prepare a 5-minute presentation and be prepared with questions s/he would like to pose to a Macy’s buyer or merchant.
  • The Fashion Office directors and buyers will meet with the designer for approx. 10 minutes, listen to the presentation, provide feedback and take a few minutes to finalize notes.

The designer’s collections/sketches will be considered in the following categories:

  • Quality/Value: Includes construction, fabrication and pricing
  • Styling/Trend: Includes concept, design uniqueness and brand character
  • Fit/Lifestyle: Includes evaluation of relevance to design vision

Application/Presentation Tips:
The Open Call will give designers time to meet with decision makers who represent Macy’s, a national department store. This is a valuable opportunity and designers should make effective use of these meetings by:

  • Completing the application honestly, with detail, and putting forth the best you have to offer for assessment.
  • Considering and then asking questions that elicit information the designer would need if a new vendor relationship were to be established or to demonstrate to Macy’s that the designer has the requisite level of sophistication and experience.
  • Being prepared to confirm that there are no existing commitments that would make it difficult for the designer to become a Macy’s resource.
  • Making sure that presentation materials are ready and on-site. This is an opportunity for professionals and professionalism is expected.
  • Taking this opportunity to learn about Macy’s as Macy’s learns about you. Because you will be given the time to discuss your work with Macy’s fashion directors, use it to also learn about yourself and how to be in a better position next year.
  • You can do that by asking smart questions such as
    “How do you think my designs would be received by the Macy’s customer?”
    “How can I make my design more attractive to Macy’s and to the Macy’s customer?”
    “If not this season, can I come back and show you my work for next season?”
    “Do my line sheets include the right information?”
    “How do I become the kind of designer, from a business readiness perspective and from a fashion perspective, that Macy’s wants as a resource?”

Following the review process, the Macy’s fashion directors, buyers and merchants participating in the Open Call will discuss each of the designers and their presentations and decide if there is an interest in pursuing further discussions. Each designer will be notified by phone after Mar. 1, 2010 as to any decision, including any follow-up with other Macy’s merchants.

* Designers invited to participate in the “Macy’s Open Call” are responsible for their own travel to New York City for their presentation at Herald Square and for their own accommodations and other arrangements.


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