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LBW 012: Meet Franka Asindi Chiedu, CEO and Publisher of Blanck Digital Magazine

Frank Asindi Chiedu, CEO & Founder of Blanck Magazine, joins Ms. Uduak on The Ladybrille Woman Podcast show to discuss fashion business and the business of magazine publishing in Nigeria. Franka, who previously worked as Editor-in-Chief for Complete Fashion Magazine,  is credited for revamping Complete Fashion magazine and helping it  become the highest selling glossy magazine in Nigeria.


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Quick Preview of the Podcast

  1. Franka’s accounting background and work in oil and gas.
  2. How Franka broke into the publishing business.
  3. The basics of magazine publishing in Nigeria.
  4. The tremendous challenge of distribution.
  5. The lack of unions and other key associations to help publishers.
  6. Getting the job at Complete Fashion Magazine.
  7. Operating Complete Fashion Magazine.
  8. Leaving for the UK.
  9. Forming Blanck Digital.
  10. The mission and focus of Blanck Digital.
  11. Tips for fellow publisher entrepreneurs.

Where to Find Franka Chiedu

Twitter: @fasindi

Website: www.blanckdigital.com

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Ladybrille Magazine

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  1. Jane Adams says:

    It’s sad that you would consider another person’s dreams and efforts as a waste of time. The fact that others failed does not mean it is an impossible venture. You probably need to listen to the interview again and follow it through to the end. She is currently not printing and has no business with vendors but then are the vendors not human beings? Why can’t they instil discipline and make the industry more organised. If people like ogbeigbena have the interest of the industry at heart why bolt instead of confronting the problem on ground? What if every publisher does thesame? It simply means the industry that employs millions in the country will disappear. Furthermore you call him a wise businessman but what happened to integrity? Do you know how many months salary members of staff are owed in Thisday? Yet he flies around in his private jets and living lavishly when people working their butts off for him get nothing. I really wonder your basis for such defence.

  2. Hello,
    She is just wasting her time.Magazine Publishing is a time waster and pocket drainer in Nigeria.
    The vendors wish you to fail so that they will not remit your money back to you.
    The problem of distribution can never be solved .
    Why do you think Nduka Obeigbena is heading out.Almost killing This Day to bring AriseTV to life.That is a businessman

    1. Foza says:

      I think your comment is very myopic. Saying distribution can never be solved is quite irking to say the least. But i encourage you to stay tuned as she tackles the obstacles.

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