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Ladybrillemag says Shop Chichia London by Christine Mhando is loving Chichia London designs which are available for sale at Look Boutique. You can purchase flirty maxi leaf skirts and dresses, beautiful khanga tunics and fun high waisted Aztec print shorts. Below are sample selections.

We particularly love that the brand incorporates eco-friendly fabrics in its designs. Head on to Look Boutique and happy shopping!

“Chichia London is a womenswear ready to wear clothing brand by London based designer Christine Mhando. Born in Tanzania and raised in London, England, Christine has taken influences from both continents and cultures and translated them into her own unique quirky style of clothing with an urban twist. Chichia’s signature is the “KHANGA” which is a traditional East African cotton printed fabric used by women as wraps, and this usually appears in every collection in the form of tops, tunics, dresses or skirts mixed with various different types of fabrics and prints.

Every Chichia collection consists of an eclectic mix of tops, skirts, shorts, dresses, and tunics in modern, easy to wear shapes and styles made unique by clever use of eye-catching embellishment, intricate detailing, print, mix of natural fabrics and lots of colour. It’s all about colour! Our current collection “Succulent” encapsulates all these qualities. The Chichia trick is to find a balance of keeping things new and fresh without being too trend driven, therefore making each piece timeless. Our aim is for the wearer to feel special and chic yet comfortable every time she is in a Chichia London outfit.

The Chichia customer is a trendy, youthful and confident young woman who knows what she wants out of life and isn’t afraid to take chances. She knows how to stand out of the crowd by looking stylish and glamorous in an understated and effortless way, she’s also not afraid to experiment with different looks to create her own style!”

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