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Ladybrille Artist to Watch X.O Senavoe is profiled on Nigerian owned site The talented musician reveals even more about himself.

“Aribaba: The general gist pretty much, is that you’ve been in music officially for less than a year. You’ve been a music lover for a while, but what made you just get up and say “ You know what? I’m gonna get into music. I’m gonna try this”

X.O Senavoe: You know people have different stories of how, they grew up singing or rapping and stuff, and evolved and all that. I’ll say that I’ve always loved music. I love rap, but really I’ve just loved and love music. I discovered rap when I was younger, and people would always ask what I thought about this rapper, musician, verse, etc, cos they knew how much I was a fiend.

About a year ago, I decided to make a list. The idea was quite simple: in 5 years if I were to look back at my life, what things would I regret not having done, and music was first on the list. The goal is to maximize God’s talents – and not bury them in the proverbial earth. It’s funny cos nobody… I’ll say about 99% of people that knew me didn’t even know I liked music to that point or that I would start doing music seriously.

So pretty much I decided that I’ll go into it, but more importantly that I’ll be good, great at it. I didn’t want to treat it like something by the way side. If I was gonna do it, I was gonna do it well and be one of the best, if not the best.”

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