Ladybrille Music: Sierra Leone Native Triple C Tells of the Struggles in ‘D West’

This year, Sierra Leone celebrates a huge landmark- their Golden Jubilee, 50 years of independence from the UK on the 27th of April, 1961. Of course there have been enormous and joyous celebrations, but I must say, they can only be worthwhile parties with music! So hey- new artist Triple C grabs the bull by the horns and takes this occasion to release D West, a song discussing the various challenges faced by those who have left Sierra Leone (including himself) and Africa for ‘D West.’

Keeping it real, Christopher Cecil Coomber derives the title ‘Triple C’ from his real name. Born in Sierra Leone, and after living in various parts of Europe such as Germany and the UK, Triple C prolifically pours his heart out about these roads travelled. Stamping some introductory patriotism all over the top of the track by calling: ‘Green white and blue’, you could question a possible rename of the song to ‘Sierra Leone Unite.’ However, it soon seems that he only means to place his hometown on the map because he then follows up by capturing the stories of many ‘black Africans’, impressively seen in the lines: ‘When we arrive, we fighting hard to survive/we living in the high class hustlin.’

We can’t miss the fact that D West is profusely educational, but at times the flow speeds up to a point where the vocal sound effects only serve to dilute the tone and detract from the seriousness of the topic at hand. Over a calm and pulsating Hip Hop beat, we sync into the groove and nod our heads as we listen to the meaningful lyrics- even after slight distractions.

Directed by Nick Asgill of Nigeria’s Big Boyz Entertainment group, thankfully the video provides a clear picture of what Triple C wants us to visualise. We are introduced to both sides of ‘immigrant life’ in the Western world. From Triple C’s rough outfits and graffiti backdrops to the contrasting Audi cruises in an impeccable white suit- we begin to understand that his time in the studio illustrates the ‘grind’ that shifted his life from one scenario to the other. In black and white, we clearly see Triple C’s ‘black and white world.’

The potential to have the tongue of a respected lyricist.

Maria Okanrende is primarily a music contributor for Ladybrille.

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