Ladybrille Influencer: eLDee the Don, Nigeria’s Music Industry Mover & Shaker!

Over the years, Ladybrille Magazine has celebrated many brilliant men and women through our monthly man and woman of the month features. But, we can’t fit all the brilliant people we hear and know about on our covers, we only have 12months in a year! Accordingly, we have decided to begin highlighting the influencers among us through our series called “Ladybrille Influencer.” The men and women we highlight are from diverse personal and professional backgrounds, but they share a common thread as respected leaders, innovators and visionaries in their respective communities. They have  made huge impacts in their communities and we at Ladybrille refuse to just gloss over them. We celebrate them, their achievements, determination and tenacity and hope they inspire you, in your daily life, to be an influencer starting first with your family and friends.

We are excited to highlight our first Ladybrille Influencer, Nigerian music entrepreneur eLDee the Don.

Company: Trybe Records
Job: Founder & CEO Trybe Records
Other Jobs: Producer, Songwriter and Performing artist
Full Name: Lanre Dabiri
Country of Origin: Nigeria

7 Reasons Why He is a Ladybrille Influencer

1. Passion: Passion is one of the cornerstones of successful influencers. eLDee, an architect turned musician, followed his passion for music to create one of Africa’s most recognized music labels, Trybe Records.

2. Discipline: An extremely disciplined influencer, eLDee manages Trybe Records, is a music video director, producer and has led numerous socio-political campaigns such as #Light Up Nigeria mobilizing Nigerians to change the status quo with constant power outages in the country.

3. Confidence: From his style sense to his public image and brand, eLDee exudes CONFIDENCE with big capital letters!

4. Determination: eLDee studied in the USA and worked with many fortune 500 companies such as CNN, D3 Publishing, Hines, Accenture, Andersen, Kimberly Clark, Naruto, Primedia, NBA, UPS, Cartoon Network, Consumer Source and Warner Bros. He left the USA with his work experience and returned to Nigeria to build his successful music business from ground up, to a powerful brand.

5. Consistency: Whether it his music videos, sound tracks or working with other artists, eLDee displays a consistency with his professionalism and respect for his fan base, the public and the media at large who consume/interact with his work(s).

6. Creative/Innovative: With over 84,000 fans on Facebook and over 33,000 on Twitter, eLDee remains one of the first Nigerian musicians to embrace social media. He is also one of the first, if not the first, to execute fully integrated social media campaigns to amplify both his personal and professional brands. His creativity in music and diverse body of work has made him a household name within Nigeria.

7. Mentor: The Ladybrille Influencer when at the top of the social ladder, reaches a hand to those at the bottom to help pull them up in a way that makes those at the bottom independent. eLDee leaves his community better than he found it. He has contributed his time, energy, resources and creativity to many of Nigeria’s music talents over the years. His latest project is the launch of “Top Talent” music search. “Top Talent” is a well curated list of Nigeria’s future musicians, voted by industry insiders, with the final ten now chosen for the public at large to vote. The lucky winner gets the opportunity to collaborate with eLDee as well as possibly sign a record deal with Trybe Records.

Ladybrille congratulates eLDee for being a Ladybrille Influencer.

Visit eLDee on Facebook at @eldee.
Follow him on Twitter @twitter.

eLDee ‘One Day’

eLDee ‘Bosi Gbangba’

Goldie ft. eLDee

-Uduak Oduok

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