African Cinema: Watch Worlds Apart Starring Ini Edo, Kenneth Okonkwo (Nollywood movie)

In February, Ini Edo, one of Nollywood’s leading actresses made the cover of Nigeria’s WOW! Magazine. Ini Edo’s beauty, however, is not the only thing that has fans saying “WOW!” Her acting definitely mesmerizes and captivates most and for us, she earns the Ladybrille (brilliant lady) title next to her acting credentials. Enjoy her immense talent in this classic Nollywood blockbuster “Worlds Apart.” Online Distributor: Youtube/Nollywood Love
Genre: Drama
Film Synopsis: Is poverty a crime? What happens when a prince falls in love with a peasant woman? Does the African adage that “the duck and fowl never mix” collapse? Find out as the tale unfolds in this Nollywood classic which touches on universal themes of love, poverty and fighting for “THE one” when your paths finally cross.

Ini Edo, Kenneth Okonkwo, Liz Benson

Length: Worlds Apart (Est. 2.5)

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  1. Hannah says:

    I just loooooooove this muvi
    I cant watch it enough…

  2. wow ini edo beauty magazine soon on spring , winter , fall & summer


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